If your company is not involved in the mobile apps development service then you might be loosing some potential clients as well as revenue. According to a report from the Nielsen group, around 120 million smartphone users in the US use shopping app once in a month to make some purchase. From this you can clearly understand how vital is the mobile app for the businesses. If you are in need of a mobile app that lets the customers to buy your product through your mobile app then you have to build an app with a vastly experienced mobile app developer.

Here are few list of solutions that will help you a lot to choose an experienced & talented mobile apps developer

Analyze the Previous Work of the Mobile App Developer

A well-talented mobile apps developer won’t hide his/her previous works from others. Whether his/her involvement in the app development is big or small doesn’t matter, they must be ready to provide their previous works if needed. It is your duty to compare all the app links of that developer with the other apps present in the app store. This helps you to clearly know about that particular mobile app developer’s knowledge and creativity in the mobile app development field.

Get Previous Client Details

Another important thing which you have to do before hiring a mobile app developer is to check about that app developer with their previous clients. The mobile app developer may claim that they have developed that app, but it is your duty to check about that app with their previous clients to know whether that particular developer developed that app or not. Apart from this you will also come to know whether that developer delivered the app within the timeline, budget, and as per the requirements. Sometimes, the mobile app developer may give client details who are favorable to them. In this case you can ask his/her colleague about that app developer knowledge.

Ask Whether He/She Can Develop an App Which Returns More Money

If your motive is to generate more money through your app then, ask the mobile app developer whether he/she can develop an app according to that standard. Since, the app store is filled with more apps it is not an easy task for one to make their app downloadable compared to other apps. Unless, your app contains more features when compared with other apps, you can’t influence people to download that app. So, ask the mobile app developer whom you are going to hire if he can develop an app accordingly.

What Kind of Features They Can Provide for You

As mentioned earlier, the app store is filled with millions of app. Some apps in the app store has failed and some are successful in the store. The main reason for the success of all those apps are due to the innovative and useful features. From this you can clearly know that the features play an important role in promoting app. So, the mobile app developer must be able to provide you an app with more unique and innovative features.

Must be ready to Sign the NDA

There is more of a chance that the mobile app developer may sell an app that he/she developed for you to someone else in the industry. So, the developer must sign a NDA stating he/she will not sell the app source code, design and the content to anyone else in the market and also you are the owner of that app.

Way of Testing

The best way to test an app is through the smartphone with which it is compatible. This kind of beta test allows one to find out maximum number of bugs in an app. The next important thing which you have to make sure is whether the bugs are found out and how quickly the developer can fix all those bugs.

The Developer Must be Ready to Submit it in the App Store

After the beta test process has been completed, the developer must submit it in the app store in order to get the approval. If the app store has approved your app then you can make lot of money through it and people will start recognizing your app in the app store.

Payment Terms

The most important thing which you have to make sure before hiring a mobile app developer is their fees. Some may charge you hourly rate and some may charge you flat fee. So, make sure of all those things before hiring a right candidate for your mobile app development.

All the above stated points may be very helpful for you to hire the right professional mobile app developer.