How did we get to be here? As in, ‘here’ – with you sat at home, on the tube, in your office, reading these words? The answer isn’t as simple as you might think. See, the evolution of print has been a long and difficult one. From the oral tradition of the Ancient Greeks, via the earliest printing techniques used to spread the word of Buddha, right up to Johannes Guttenberg and his epoch-shaking printing press; our methods of communicating thoughts and ideas have been in constant flux.

The journey from cylinder scrolls to modern type and 3D printing has been bumpy; full of dead-ends, near-misses and flashes of genius. Below, our infographic takes a look across this twisted history and tries to fathom, once and for all, our route from a wordless, unformed past, to a rigid and defined present where no ideas will ever truly vanish. Along the way, we meet inventors, geniuses and madmen… and take a quick peek into the unwritten future.

You can check it out here.