Technology- A forever advancing phenomenon

Technology is a forever advancing phenomenon. Innovative and novel ideas and concepts are always leaving behind the relatively older technology. Such new forms of technology can either be in the likes of new platforms or new apps. With the rapid pace with which the mobile application development platform is advancing, it is quite likely to expect something unique and new. Ever since Apple launched its first iPhone, the mobile application development underwent a drastic transformation. Following the release of five new iPhone versions ever since 2007, the mobile applications running on the iPhone operating system has seen significant changes. iPhone, one amongst the most revolutionary handsets has quickly taken the Smartphone industry by storm. Its incessant technological development has made iOS to become the finest platform to develop apps and promote business. The iPhone operating system is irrefutably a highly popular platform in the current tech savvy world. This platform has a plethora of users and countless more are joining each month.

Strengths of iOS platform

iOS platform is highly favoured owing to its manifold strengths. These include:

  • This platform offers a wide assortment of libraries for developers to consult

  • The market place of iPhone Application is far more attractive for developers compared to its competitors

  • Ever expanding requirement for smarter apps across various genres including news, games and entertainment

  • Improved consumer experience as both the infrastructure and development environment to a great extent are controlled

iOS undergoes a complete revamp with iOS 7

3D layers, gestures and flat design; designers have given a complete revamp to the iOS including the icons, colour schemes, built-in apps and typefaces. Below are a couple of mind boggling features in Apple’s latest iOS 7. These include:

  • Contain everything

    While earlier versions of iOS 7 were equipped with folders yet it had a limit on the amount of applications that the user could put inside them. But with iOS 7, users have the flexibility of piling countless applications in one single place, if required lest even create a sole folder for each application.

  • Digital voice supporting software Siri

    Another hidden feature of iOS 7 is a digital voice supporting software Siri. With this feature, users can search for data on Bing for finding solutions to their queries. The best part about this digital voice software is that in case it fails in pronouncing one’s name correctly, the user can teach it to pronounce the name correctly.

  • Block calls

    If user’s get harassing calls then they can now give it a stop. Users can block their added numbers they want to restrict. All they need to do is to click the contacts application and scroll to the option “Block this contact”. It is that simple.

  • Today notification

    With the help of this feature users are capable of deriving information such as notification and reminders of the upcoming day’s tasks, temperature, day view or traffic summary without unlocking the handset.

  • Better message view

    This feature was missing in the earlier iPhones. In the earlier versions, users were not able to check for the previous sent text messages in the similar thread. In its place, users had to click the Send button for viewing previous messages. The latest iOS 7 luckily offers a better message view via allowing users in moving up and down using the same thread to view the entire received and sent messages.

  • Shake the iPhone to undo previous action

    Last but not the least, one of the most promising features of iOS 7 is that by just shaking the iPhone users can retrieve back the data and undo their previous action. This feature works for messages, mails, call logs and contacts. Further, upon a closer view at their iPhone, users will notice a slight difference in the notification.

These are some of the most promising features of iOS 7 for users to maximize its benefits.