Google has officially launched Search Console Insights, a most awaited new tool for website owners, bloggers, or content creators. It was the year back when we heard of this new tool in 2020. initially, it was available as a BETA version for a limited number of websites. But their motto was clear; the tool was designed to make it easier for the website holders to understand how their content resonates with readers.

Although, how these all get started?

Let’s see.

How Google Search Console Insights Get Started?

It’s a project whose testing cycle began a year ago, in June 2020. Following the success of a handful of beta-testing runs, its BETA version is rolling out for select sites. Unfortunately, this meant that it was available to users on an invitation-only basis.

There was, however, nothing to indicate that the new launch will differ from the BETA version. So instead, all we’ll learn on those days will be integrating data from both Google Analytics and Search Console to understand how well web content is performing.

What Are The Capabilities of This New Tool?

Search Console Insights tool is designed to add value for content creators and publishers to understand and analyze how readers discover their site’s content. This will help them to know- is their content resonates with their readers.

As it is backed with the power to extract data from both Google Analytics and Google Search Console, content creators can improve their content if needed by using these data.

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Moreover, this tool will help the content creator to get the answer the following questions:

  • Which of them are your best-performing pieces of content?
  • Are your new pieces of content performing well?
  • How do visitors discover your piece of content across the web?
  • What queries are people putting on Google’s search box before they visit your content?
  • What are those article refers users to your website and content?

What’s The Process To Access Search Console Insights?

To access this new tool, you need to follow few steps:

  • On the top of Google Search Console’s Overview page, select Search Console Insights.
  • Access it from the Google Search Console in the search results feature.
  • Bookmark this link to access it directly

Closing Words!

Undoubtedly, Google is backed by high-end technical experts because they always come with new technology and tools to help their users. And for now, they have come up with a new tool called Search Console Insights.

It is nothing but a part of Google Search Console, which means if you have a verified Google Search Console property, you can use it easily. Further, it is recommended to associate your site’s Google Search Console property with Google Analytics. This would help you get much better insights into your content.