Is Your Team Productive and Happy?

It is imperative for a growing business to have teams that are highly productive. This enables more competitiveness and growth for both the employees and the business.  This should be ensured along with happiness at work-place. Employee productivity and happiness can be increased with some simple tips and tricks:

Creating Productivity Metrics

Creating the right metrics to gauge productivity of employees is very important for any team or process. Every employee has a specialized task and the productivity related to that task is different from other employees. The tasks and productivity related to marketing is from that of operations or admin. The metrics and tasks for each team should be defined clearly.


Defining Processes

Definition of goals should be combined with defining the right process for each team. Processes should be clear and concise so as to reduce friction in the work-flow. The clarity of a process and the necessary training for the same gives your employees peace of mind while completing tasks and goals.

Business Productivity Tools

Using the right online tools for business is critical to improving productivity. Tasks and time should be allocated using the right tool and an appropriate reporting mechanism should be put in place.

Motivational Workshops

Conducting motivational and leisure workshops for teams helps in bringing freshness to the work environment. It improves the spirit with which employees work and perform in the organization. These workshops should include inter-departmental role play and interaction.

This helps in getting the teams to become familiar with each other.

Evolving Roles

Every employee grows and evolves over time with the organization. Evolution is not independent but a facilitation process senior employees. Roles should be clearly defined, but should evolve over a period of time considering the performance on an employee. This not only helps in bringing out the best in them but also increases the happiness quotient.

Personal Engagement

Senior employees and management must engage with all on a personal level as well. This keeps the work environment lighter and fosters interactivity. A lighter atmosphere also helps in generating more ideas for improvement.

Fostering Leadership

Accountability and leadership helps in creating a workforce that takes pride in the work done. A culture of appreciation is what you want for building leaders within teams and the organization as a whole.

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  • Nice tips,,
    Everyone knows these points but the difference is no one implements. If all the above mentioned points are implemented correctly, then any team can increase their productivity.

  • I’d like to add one more point i.e. to create competitive environment. By competition I mean a healthy competitive environment that motivates employees to give their 100% and work more and by heart.

  • It’s very important to increase the productivity of your team for better business output. And for that everyone tries different strategies and methods. I think you have shared some useful tips and strategies which may increase the team’s productivity.
    Really informative.

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