According to Google’s professional Jeff Huber, Google maps for iOS is a runway success as the app was downloaded over 10 million times in just 2 days after its launch last week and that accounts for hardly 2.5% of total iOS gadgets sold. This is quite a huge number and it is rare that such a giant like Google Corp has disclosed such numbers.

This huge number of downloads clearly shows that users have preferred Google’s offering to Apple outperforming Apple’s iOS maps app. This is what Huber had to say:

More than 10 million downloads in less than 48 hours after release! We’re excited for the positive reception of Google Maps for iPhone around the world. Congratulations to the Maps Team on the recognition for the passion and hard work they poured into it, for this release and over the last 7+ years. If you’re an iPhone user and haven’t downloaded the Maps app yet, get it on the App Store or visit:

If you already have it — thank you, and please tell a friend. Any feedback you have is welcomed, here in G+ or in the app (just shake it).


It was reported that Google will be launching its Maps app for iOS around Christmas and Google made every possible attempt to do so but as Apple announced that it would be freezing its app store and would not allow any app submission and won’t be launching any more app, so this made Google to introduce its Maps app for the iOS to the apple app store much before Christmas.

Jeff Huber also spoke about ‘Shake to feedback’ feature which lets users to submit their feedback for Google maps on shaking the phone when Google Maps app is open.This feature is something which Google used to report issues and bugs internally.

Huber also added that some of the important features like bikiing directions which were left out at the launch, might be launched at the new year and the company will be emphazing on more features swiftly to make the user experience better.

The future of Google’s mobile maps is quite bright as the company has also unveiled a great overhaul of its Google+ and gmail app on iOS.

Within 7 hours of Google Maps app for iOS launch, the app received 4.5 stars rating on the UK app store which clearly indicates that users are really happy with the new maps app and the app became the top free app on Apple App store. Google also said that this maps app for iOS is even much better than Maps Android App.

The popularity of Google maps app for iOS is due to the rejection of iOS6 maps app by the Apple users and quality of the Google’s mapping service. Users frustration due to the poor-point of interest data application in Apple’s offerings, made users to switch from iOS6 maps app to Google’s new Maps app for iOS.

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  1. It’s an impressive offering by Google. I’m one of the 10 million users to download Google maps on my iPhone and I’m really impressed with the functionality of the app. It’s good to have ‘turn by turn’ feature on iOS version as well which was only available on Android.

  2. The fact is that Google wants to be the default ‘portal’ to the internet — just as Yahoo! did in days of yore, and still is for a surprisingly large number of people. It would be difficult for Google to develop a service that is completely restricted or exclusive. If the service collects user data that contributes to their profit, they want that service to be used by everyone, everywhere. If the service doesn’t contribute to their profit in that way, they are expending resources without any gain.

  3. Those are hardly analogous situations. MS is competing directly with Google on multiple fronts. Apple doesn’t really do things for the general population. They’ve never even gone so far as to turn the iTunes Store into a multi-platform digital content store.

  4. Yeah, sorry that was a bit non-specific. I meant that Apple has never tried to make an iTunes app for another mobile platform, like Android, BB, or Windows Mobile/Phone. Of course, music purchased from the iTunes Store may work on all kinds of AAC-compatible devices, as long as the files don’t have DRM. But Apple doesn’t even facilitate that sort of sharing in the iTunes PC application.

    A clearer example might be this one: no one can access Apple Maps from anything other than an iOS device. It’s not even available on OSX, at least for the time being. (And if it were, I can’t imagine it would make much difference.) Apple makes services to run on its own devices primarily, for its own users. In that sense, Apple really doesn’t compete with Google in a direct fashion.

  5. Google’s iOS offerings tend to look better than their Android apps. The new maps and Google search are the apps to which I am referring.

  6. They look better for a very short period of time. And those are the only two apps. And they still aren’t as functional.

  7. Well who’s to call that?

    Google Maps on iOS is just out and Android’s equivalent doesn’t look as good. I’d love for Google Maps on Android to get an aesthetic upgrade because at the moment I’m pretty jealous of iOS.

    To say they look better for a short period of time is impossible to call until the Android apps get their update.

  8. I say that from looking at past iOS updates. Google updates them, we get jealous for a very short while, and then they update Android and we just feel sorry for iOS users.

  9. I’m not sure what your point is. The updates don’t necessarily end there. Google+ and Gmail were just released in yet two huge revisions for iOS. And so the cycle continues? Google has an interest in providing a good experience on iOS due to popularity.

  10. Yeah Google Maps looks nicer on iOS right now. Google Search has already been updated on Android to look more like the iOS version (where it types as you write). In addition, you have Google Now, deep Google Voice integration (set it as default SMS app, use for all calls from the dialer, use only for international calls from the dialer, etc.), Google Music (which only appears to be available on iOS through HTML-based apps that seem to pause/stop randomly if they’re in the background), Ingress, Google Talk, more Google Translate features, better Google Currents.

    It’s really not hard to think of apps that Google focuses on for Android with newer updates/more features. Occasionally something like Google Search or the Google Maps update comes out for iOS and lots of Android fanboys get mad. They fail to realize that the same feature set is likely headed to Android but the teams making the apps are separate and iOS may be a priority for Google when a vacuum is created (e.g., the outrage over Apple Maps). It’s really not that big a deal, but you can pretty much bet that the Android version will catch up; you can’t always say that for Google apps on iPhone.

  11. Google search. Half of the time search as you type freezes up. I have to reload the page. Youtube, the player is nice, but sometimes I can’t scroll to a position I have already downloaded. I have to scroll to an un downloaded position and once it starts to download the position I want clears up, I click on it and have it download it again. Seriously it’s a video website, get your player right. Google Chrome. It’s pretty good. This is my favorite product. But it still crashes. Quite a bit. and the UI is a bit annoying. With the developer toolbar opens command + L doesn’t go to location. Why? I don’t know. Now Google maps. It’s no where as smooth as the previous app or the new apple app. Why? I have no idea. Then there is Google Talk. How the fuck do I get it to work on my iPhone? I tried downloading all google ios apps.

    Whatever. Anyways, their software is very annoying. Their services are awesome. Wish someone else wrote their UI.

  12. Downloading and using Google Maps was a pleasure. Seriously, the iOS6 Maps App is a disaster when it is compared to the new addition by Google. Clearly, it has swiped the sales and has let its haunch develop over Apple.

    Awaiting news about the new features that Google is planning to launch…!

  13. @Stephen.. I think the above points mentioned by you are baseless. Either your iPhone is not upgraded with the latest in the market or there has been some malware issues. Coz downloading Google Maps on iOS 6 is very east and compatible. Just check them out and hope you get a better UI this time.

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