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File2Cart: A Fast and Easy To Use Online Tool To Import Your Data to Shopping Cart

File2Cart is an automated online service developed by MagneticOne, which is a flourishing company in the eCommerce domain. This service provides a quick and effective way of importing info from a file or feed to any of around 35 supported shopping carts. This tool is highly useful for those who have to deal with monotonous import processes involved in online store management. This tool simplifies the task of importing data to the online store database.

File2Cart works as an efficient software to be used as a service, what we term as SaaS. It solves the problem of transferring products, orders, categories, etc. from a different database, dealer or shopping cart. The user can provide a feed or a file in .csv, .xml or .txt format containing the data that need to be imported. There are several other options in this service that make the import procedure easier and faster. File2Cart supports various platforms like osCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento and many more.

Great Services of File2Cart

File2Cart provides different and unique online service to the clients offering them an easy and fast solution to import data to their store database. It supports more than 34 shopping carts and allows you to import data from .csv, .xml and .txt files.

You can run a Free Demo Import in order to get an idea about the service, before commencing the actual data transfer to the online store.

One-Time Data Import

File2Cart offers a feature of one-time transfer of all the data from .csv, .xml or .txt file to your online store. One-Time Data Import ensures quick, accurate and comfortable data import from the respective files. The procedure can be started off at any time you want and thousands of products will be imported in just a couple of hours.

The service price depends upon the amount of products you want to import, which can be easily calculated through Import Estimator. To find out the price of your own import, you need to specify the file format, the target shopping cart and the number of entities you want to import at once.

Schedule Data Import

File2Cart brings you another amazing opportunity to schedule the data import according to your own needs. You can start the fully automated process of regular imports to your store: signup your account, mention the number of entities you want to transfer in the upcoming days/month, provide a data feed or file and set up your import schedule the way it suits you best. You get an option to schedule the import on weekly or daily basis, you can even specify the exact hours when you want the data to be imported. One can transfer the data on a regular basis with any of the three plans

– Basic Plan (import up to 10,000 products per month within this plan)
– Standard Plan ( you will be able to import up to 25,000 products/month)
– Premium Plan ( up to 50,000 products will be imported within a month)

Key Features of File2Cart

1. One-time Import Service provides easy, quick and accurate transfer of data in no time.
2. Scheduled Import service allows the users to update the files on regular basis without any halt.
3. One can transfer the data with any of the three plans
– Basic Plan (10,000 Entities)
– Standard Plan (25,000 Entities)
– Premium Plan (50,000 Entities)
An additional package is available too.

4. Assisted Data Import Service provides professional help on every step of the import procedure.
5.Customized Import service offers you to import the entities with configurations differing from the default ones.

Benefits of Using File2Cart

1.Store database update synchronization without any manual effort.
2.Simplified online store administration
3.Time-saving and efficient way to make bulk import of products to your store

Final Words

File2Cart is a fast, accurate, easy and time-saving SaaS, which does not require any additional software installation. The store owners can use this tool to import their entities automatically from the external file or feed. This tool is really beneficial for the store managers who want to stay on the top without spending a lot of time on the tedious import processes.

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