Everybody who has faced problems in sending large files over the internet knows how annoying it gets when something important isn’t able to get uploaded and sent. To solve this problem, there are a number of apps and websites which offer features with which you can send large files across platforms. However, these websites can be very deceptive and might just give you a hard time because of problems like inability to upload at a high speed, low size limits, bad and slow downloading speed and spam for all we know. In the midst of all this, there is one website app which actually delivers what it claims and allows you to send large files very easily. It is the Digital Pigeon- a large file delivery online service. Read on to know more about this one.

Why Use Digital Pigeon?

Digital Pigeon is an online service which promises to send your large files safely and at a fast speed. Built in the most user-friendly way possible, it is not just easy to use but is also completely reliable and you do not need to worry about threats here. Unlike its competitors, this service is completely based on the idea of making sure that the users’ files can be uploaded and sent without any limits or glitches in the safest way possible. Apart from the basic use of sending and receiving large files, Digital Pigeon also provides to its users, a number of other features which add to the benefit of using this application. Not just this, even the download and the upload speed relatively faster than other similar applications which fail to serve any purpose for the user. The detailed list of the features of the service is present below.


1) Transfer Large Files

This is the main purpose of this service and it delivers in accordance with the high benchmark and good reviews that it gets. You can send files of size up to 500MB through a free account, which in comparison to a regular Gmail file’s size which is 25 MB is quite a lot. You can easily send and receive large files without any download or upload problem.

2) Easy to Use

Though it is considered to be the best app for sending large files; Digital pigeon doesn’t confuse you at all. Its easy interface and quick options let you do your work with minimal effort and a high-speed.

3) Highly Secure

As mentioned above, security is one factor which is never compromised on when you are using Digital Pigeon. It stores the encrypted files in world-class data centers and is backed by high security SSL encryption for transfer of files. Moreover, it also provides its users with the authority to control the availability of files and password protection for receipts to increase the security further.

4) Multiple contacts

Depending upon the plan you choose, you can send files to multiple contacts per month which makes it very convenient for you and the frequency with which you would use the service should decide the plan you go for. You can easily spend multiple files to multiple contacts at once.

5) Customize and Track

When it comes to the account, Digital pigeon also allows you to customize the look and feel of your account and make it suitable according to your needs. Apart from that, you can also track the files and get to know when and by whom your files are being accessed with the help of notifications to your email id. You can even download receipts and view detailed info on the activity log.

6) Other Features

This online file sending service also provides with features like instant media previews where you can just play sounds and videos to save time and other features like cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility to make things even more convenient for users.

How does the registration process and signing up work?

Digital Pigeon lets you to try out its software before you actually have to download it for your use. All you have to do is click on ‘try it’ and see how it works. Signing up too is a simple process and only requires a short contact form where you need to fill up your name, email address and password. There are a number of different type of accounts available solely created to cater to different requirements. The free account lets you transfer 2GB of data and 20 files and gets expired in 14 days and the size increases as you upgrade the plan. There are 3 other plans available- $15/month which lets you transfer data equal to 2GB and allows 100 files per send, $22/month plan lets you send 5GB whereas and $45/month lets you send 10GB with 250 files per send. The only difference is about recipients which vary.

This service is not for everybody and businesses are going to be the ones which will be benefited the most with it. There are other similar services available on the internet, but not many of them deliver such good speed and packages, and working with them is also not very easy. Unless you have very high expectations from a file sending service, this one is a good option to choose from and is growing in popularity with more and more people availing its services.