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Basecamp Overview, Review & Alternatives 2014



Basecamp is a simple yet powerful project management system. It has an excellent user interface that is fast and responsive for anyone to use the software with great simplicity. One can log in to the system to check the list of active projects and track the progress of the work. The system allows users to browse through all the files, documents, and discussions related to a project, and it helps them to remain updated about the ongoing work of all active projects. Basecamp is accessible in different browsers using different platforms such as Windows, Mac, and also mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Features of Basecamp

  • Simple Menu to View Projects: One can view all active projects after logging into the system. One can see the projects in tile view, split view, or can arrange them in a simple alphabetical list.
  • Calendar View: The system has a general-purpose calendar as well as calendars for each specific project. People who have access to a particular project can see the related calendar to that project.
  • General Overview of Projects: Basecamp allows users to get a general overview of everything related to a project. It could be files, documents, discussions, email communications, and everything else.
  • Progress Tracking: Basecamp allows tracking the progress of work in a more organized manner. The progress work can be showcased online in a way similar to the Facebook timeline, allowing users to know what is happening in a project.
  • User Activities: Users can see their activities across all projects. Their profile information will remain stored in the system and one can see the projects completed by them.
  • Web & Mobile Accessibility: Basecamp can be accessed through various browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and IE 9+. The desktop and mobile devices using any of these browsers can easily access the system. Thus, it can be available on desktop computers using both Windows and Mac platforms and mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.


Basecamp is available for a 60-day no-obligation free trial. They have 4 types of monthly packages:

  • $20 – 10 projects, 3 GB space
  • $50 – 40 projects, 15 GB space
  • $100 – 100 projects, 40 GB space
  • $150 – Unlimited projects, 100 GB space

And, one annual package:

  • $3000 – Unlimited projects, 500 GB space

Basecamp is a simple but powerful tool to track the progress of a project and see all user activities. However, it lacks advanced features of reporting to do a complete project analysis.

Alternatives of Basecamp

1. TeamWork

Teamwork is an easy to use project management system that helps in co-ordinating several tasks & projects simultaneously. This cloud-based tool allows users to access timesheets from anywhere on the web to create a collaborative work environment. It helps managers, workers and clients to work together to help accomplish projects and improve productivity.

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2. Wrike

Wrike is a project management software with multiple features like collaboration, e-mail integration, desktop notifications and file management all as a part of task management. It is a software in which each task looks more like a project, with multiple features. It is an affordable project management software.

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3. Trello

Trello is a card-based project management software. It places information on different cards which are then organized and presented together. Each card represents a certain task that one may be working on and different columns represent different stages of the project. The group of cards together gives you an overview of the project.

4. TeamGantt

TeamGantt is an online chart project scheduling tool that allows you to help manage projects in a hassle-free manner. The software allows collaboration among the team members and invites co-workers to view and edit Gantt charts easily. With its simple drag and drop feature, it is easier to schedule projects and everyone involved in the project, including the client, can see what is going on in the project. The software can help manage multiple projects and multiple clients.

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