Aliyun (Alibaba Group) recently announced to inaugurate new cloud data center in Singapore (cloud computing arm ). Its other headquarters for business will also be based out of Singapore to drive Aliyun’s overseas expansion plan. The launch date has not been finalized yet but scheduled for early September. This facility is about to be established in Singapore will be seventh globally.

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The new setup established in Singapore authorizes Aliyun $1 billion investment for cloud computing. It will also profit and enhance the reliable Aliyun-powered cloud services by direct riding on record foreign investment flows in Southeast Asia.

Established its new data center in Singapore in city state of Southeast Asia is the perfect destination to be their headquarters for overseas expansion.

In addition, Vice president of Aliyn Sicheng (Ethan) Yu said, “We are seeing healthy demand for cloud-related data management services in Singapore because of the ease of doing business, comprehensive transport and telecommunications connections and robust intellectual property regime. The stable geopolitical climate and abundance of highly skilled talent are advantageous too”.

Building chinese businesses a prime focus, the Singapore cloud data center will cater to the cloud computing needs of businesses investing in Southeast Asia. It also has direct connection to Ali Baba data center network via Beijing, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Silicon Valley.

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Following up the official establishment of Singapore data center, its core services can be re-ordered online on Some of its core services are –

  • Elastic Computing Service, which provides high availability and maximize performance

The below given services will be available after the official launch –

  • Relational Database Service
  • Server Load Balance
  • Open Cache Service
  • Open Storage Service
  • Opentable Service
  • Yundun: a security service

Vice president of Aliyn Sicheng (Ethan) Yu says , “our next step would be to know the market better and it’s growing demand “.