Information Technology is a fast evolving domain with new trends hitting it every now and then. And in the recent times, cloud technologies are significantly influencing business decisions of the corporations of modern times, particularly small businesses.
The Cloud refers to an online location where data can be stored and which could be accessible at anytime, anywhere environment, using a variety of devices. This flexibility of storing data and making it accessible from anywhere is bringing several types of benefits to business.
A business can take advantage of cloud technologies in a number of ways. Here are the five important benefits that a business can enjoy using the cloud:

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1. Centralized Data Storage

Cloud allows a business to store and backup data in a centralized location available on the web. Not only does it it bring a safe, reliable and cost-effective data storage solution, but it also makes the data readily available from anywhere. One can access the data using the internet and can accomplish the tasks without any hassles.
Moreover, a business can use cloud as an important data backup solution. In case of a local disaster, the data stored on the hard disks could be lost, but cloud can keep all the data safely to be accessed at any time.

2. Cost-effective Choice

A business can take advantage of the cloud to bring down the cost of storing and managing data. There is no need to invest in expensive hardware to maintain a full-fledged IT infrastructure to store and backup data. At the same time, a business need not hire engineers and technicians to help manage the IT infrastructure.

3. Data Security

Many businesses often think that it would be risky to store all data in an off-site location. However, the cloud provides a secure data storage, as the data is stored in the cloud but not in any device. Only authorized users are allowed to access the data using their encrypted password. This eliminates any chance of data theft.
Moreover, cloud storage service providers use the most advanced anti-virus solutions to help protect their client’s data available on the cloud.

4. Mobile & Flexible

A business can access the data stored in the cloud, from anywhere, office, home, from a client’s location or even while traveling. This brings a great deal of flexibility when it comes to getting the data and information to complete a task. At the same time, one can sync the data with a host of devices – PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

5. Scalable Solution

For any business, the cloud could serve the purpose of a scalable solution, bringing functional features for their business growth. In today’s business environment, information and data form an important aspect of business success. The cloud helps in storing a massive amount of data at a reasonable cost.
Moreover, it makes data and information sharing easier and effortless. One can share the information in-house or with clients and partners, which is kept securely in a centralized location. However, the level of access can be defined using passwords which makes the cloud a safe storage solution.
Many small businesses have realized the benefits of the cloud and they have now started using it to store and manage data securely and access it in an interrupted manner. Even big companies with offices spread in several countries and continents benefit from storing the data in a centralized location. It makes their data readily available and speeds up the information sharing among different users stationed at different locations. More importantly, the cloud brings an affordable and scalable solution that a business can take advantage of, to plan its growth.