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Awesome Ways To Enjoy The Heck Out of Your iOS Device

Apple has transformed the world forever. The introduction of the iDevices is a marvel, while the birth of iOS is a game changer. Apps development became a sturdy industry of its own.

The Gaming Apps That Your Smartphones Just Can’t Live Without

Smartphones are made even better by applications (or apps as we all call it). Gone are the days when phones are just used for texting or calling. Now, I can pay bills, collaborate with my team, draw, take a picture or video, access emails and even play games while killing time at the airport lobby.

The Lifespan of Apple Products

Apple products don’t just look great, they’re also very solidly designed. There’s always the possibility that you will drop your iPhone and break it, however they can survive many drops with no ill effects. Buying a case and a screen protector is definitely a good idea, as it will protect your ...

Three Tunnel-Visioned Marketing Approaches Being Employed on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has gradually been taking over from other social media platforms when it comes to making a presence online using the social media phenomenon. While Facebook and Twitter have empowered businesses to enjoy a technology-fueled transformation of their brand advertisement, LinkedIn has proved to ...

Virtualization: The 4th Dimension Of The Future Digital Age

The digital age provides a wealth of opportunities for consumers and businesses alike. Along with cloud storage and digital services, virtualization is an area of technological growth that improves efficiency and connectivity between devices. Before you can make use of virtualization or recognize the ...

Create Custom Twitter Backdrop to Give Your Twitter Page a Stunning Look

In Twitter, a custom background image becomes important, especially when you are promoting your brand. It improves your look, appearance and enhances your brand image, which is a plus point for you. Background image helps you make the best first impression on people. Here in this article, we will be ...

Happy 10th Birthday Facebook! [Infographic]

Facebook, the world’s most popular social networking website was born on February 4th 2004. 10 years on and the website is as strong as ever with over 1000 million users. This number is phenomenal in itself, but more so for the fact that the medium of social networking was largely unheard of until ...

Top Notch Steps to Keep a Secure Data Backup Through Deduplication

Being an entrepreneur, you are always keen to consider every single aspect of your business, which may include profits, loss, outputs, reviews and many more. However, there are various hidden sections of your business which anyhow remain unnoticed from your keen observation-the technical aspects. You ...

How to Resolve Permissions Issues that Deteriorate Mac Performance

A slow Mac puts users into dilemma. Naturally, you are dependent on your system, and if it stops performing the way you expect, you feel like a handicapped. Admittedly, Apple has done an outstanding job to make Mac an ideal system that presents its users a complete package along with a hilarious computing ...

5 Reasons Why 2014 Is The Year Of The Cloud

2013 saw a tremendous growth in cloud technology. In the last five years cloud has grown from a buzzword or a new technology to a household name and it can be safely said that this trend will continue in 2014. There are many factors which have pointed in that direction.

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