Several YouTube users might have observed that they can now edit their uploaded videos, thanks to a new video editing feature that was launched on Wednesday worldwide.

This feature will facilitate you to edit uploaded YouTube videos. All you need to do is to just click on “Edit Video” on your video’s webpage or you can click on the My Videos page.

Although this new editing feature is not essentially intended to replace app like Final Cut Pro, it has been launched to assist users to edit their videos according to their interest by consuming lesser time.

YouTube Software Engineer John Gregg summarizes some of the editing options in his blog post. By using this editing feature, you can rotate videos, enhance the colors, brightness and contrast and can even stabilize hand-held footage. The “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature will permit for one-click color and contrast rectification.

YouTube’s team has also joined forces with Picnik to offer innovative special visual effects. This makes it promising for you to add filters such as white and black effects to your videos.

One more thing which is amazing in this editing feature, you can even replace out your audio from video by something else by selecting from a number of accessible music tracks. And if you are having a video that has too much footage at the starting or at end, you can now even trim some of the extra footage from the track.

All you need to do is to click “save” button to start video editing. But in case if you are not satisfied after editing the video, then you can even go back to the original version.