When it comes to project management tools and applications, there are many options available. As we know, Wrike’s project management software stands above the rest in terms of usability, interface, and overall features.

Working on the go, it can be difficult to keep up with important projects that require your constant attention on a web based tool. Wrike’s mobile app allows users to check tasks and projects from anywhere and update as needed. With this capability, you can access all of your entries anywhere, and at any time.


Wrike Project Management App For Android

Available to download from the Google Play Store, the Wrike mobile app is efficient and easy to use.


Wrike Project Management App for iOS

Available on the Apple App Store, the iOS version of the app is every bit as fully featured as the Android version. Allowing you to carry out your tasks on your iPhone or iPad, the Wrike app regularly appears in the top productivity app charts for a reason.

Let’s take a look at some of the available features in both versions of the app:

  • App Functionality

Like the desktop software, you can create and assign workflow to your team, and set schedules for completion in the app. The app also has a function to allow discussions with your team related to tasks, while you are out of the office.

If timelines for projects need to be changed, a few simple clicks on the Gantt chart is all it takes. You can also upload images from Dropbox or Google Drive.

So, with the ability to check over your to-do list whenever you need and the convenience of having customizable push notifications to alert you at every stage from the start to the completion of a project, there really is no easier online software for project management than Wrike.

Best news of all, both apps are free to download. Whether you’re an iPhone addict or an Android user, incorporating this app into your work processes could completely revolutionize your project management duties and improve your overall workflow