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Windows Vs. Linux – Which Virtual Server Is Right For You?

There is some debate over Windows and Linux regarding whether one service is superior to other. The question, however, when choosing a server OS is not which one is better but rather what would work best in the context of your needs. They each have their own advantages or disadvantages depending on what your business is looking for.

The factors which could determine your choice include cost, performance, and application usage. For businesses looking for a more affordable option, the Linux server is essentially a free service and can be freely distributed and downloaded.

There are priced versions of Linux but they tend to be on the cheaper side.  Microsoft’s service on the other hand has licensing fees which can be anywhere from $50 to $450 depending on the version. If cost is a major factor for you then Linux might be a better option to choose.


As far as performance, Linux also appears to be the better choice as it works about 25% faster. Linux tends to work significantly faster on any type of hardware so it is often preferred for those looking exclusively for better performance over Windows.

It can also be installed on a wider variety of computer hardware ranging from phones, tablets, video game consoles, to mainframes and super computers. Windows is limited to PC servers and some phones.

The advantages of choosing Microsoft are mainly in its being more user-friendly.  Linux can require some special expertise because you can make kernel modifications which need a higher level of expertise. Microsoft is not as flexible but it is easier as a stable platform when it comes to application integration and setting access control.

Windows Benefits

Windows is also easier to patch and releases patches after detecting a threat as well as weekly updates. Linux is community driven and whenever there is a threat detected and posted by a Linux user developers start working on it from different parts of the world.

When it comes to being secure and reliable, Windows and Linux are about equal and Microsoft has made great improvements in this respect. However, Windows is at times more vulnerable to attacks because of the amount of users it has and often has problems with viruses and other malware. You may need to purchase expensive antivirus software with yearly subscriptions in addition to the other costs associated with using Windows.

Which Server To Use

The choice of what server to use – Windows or Linux depends on your preferences regarding cost and performance against usability. Linux can help save money because it is a free service but it can also be more difficult to use if you have no experts available to your company.

Windows is much easier to use but it can also cost more because of licensing fees and problems with viruses. It typically does not perform quite as well as Linux on identical hardware. Windows and Linux are both equally effective choices but the decision is up to you and what you need specifically for your business.

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