It’s been over 20 days since Windows 8 was launched and made available to the masses, but still it is not clear how the new and much awaited operating system has been accepted by businesses and windows users and alike. However, Microsoft professional and insider Paul Thurrott has now disclosed a small piece of information on how the Microsoft is having a close look at its new OS’ sales in the first few weeks after its launch.

Citing one of his “most trusted sources at Microsoft,” Thurrott reports that sales of Windows 8 PC’s are disappointing and “well below Microsoft’s internal projections.” The source says that, internally, the blame is being placed on manufacturers’ “inability to deliver.”

It would be fair to say that new Windows 8’s OEM hardware is not much better than what came out before, it is more PC tablet focused, but with Dell trying to launch a gadget so utterly absurd that it clearly laughter generating as you know that the product we are reviewing here is not really powerful.

Interestingly, this is the main bulletin which should be avoided by Microsoft Corp. If the rumor that surrounds Windows 8 that it is selling far below expectations, that the prediction could become true. Forget borking, Windows 8 could get Vista’d.


Comparison of windows 8 with Vista-Windows8 is not really fair as Windows 8 made more changes than Vista did, and thus if the Windows8 manages to sell more licenses than its predecessors, “then it can be concluded that Microsoft has succeeded with its new OS.”

It has been reported by the sources that Microsoft has provided only a small piece of information: the 4 million licenses in first three days of its launch and this was absolutely deceived and thus not usable. In short, no one have any confirmed information on how Windows 8 is selling in the market.

The extent of the poor numbers is the only leftover question.

Given that Windows 8 is doubtful to sell buckets of licenses as upgrades to the people, Windows 8 will be hence sold to users through sales of new PCs, which are not likely to increase to a great extent in the coming months. It has been forcasted that Microsoft will sell at least a few hundred million licenses in its lifetime.

Fact: If windows 8 was selling in great amount, then Microsoft would be talking openly and would be praising themselves. Real Fact: But it is not selling well.