In the contemporary competitive business environment, making a strong presence in the online world is essentially vital. For this, you need a robust web development done with a reliable programming tool.

PHP is a wonderful and trusted language for server-side development but selecting the appropriate PHP framework is the most struggling decision that businesses face. Since its inception, many frameworks have been launched. 

Among the whole PHP family, Laravel is the most popular. Here is a graph which represents Google trends for different PHP frameworks.  

It clearly shows that Lavarel is way ahead of others in this comparison. Do you know what boosts its popularity? This is because it is considered that the use of the Laravel framework in web development is the best. Let’s grasp a little about its background.

Laravel: A PHP framework

Laravel, an open-source licensed PHP framework, was released in June’2019. It was created by Taylor Otwell as a better alternative to the previously released PHP framework, CodeIgniter. 

It provided advanced features like built-in features for user authorization and authentication. Its latest version 5.8.10 was released on April 2019. Although it is not too old to outshine its counterparts it still manages to do that. 

Lavarel is quite effective in developing easy to complex apps for the businesses operating in all domains. It is scalable, has a powerful command line, and easy to use features along with many plugins for specific functions. 


If you have landed here, I assume that you are struggling to find the reason behind why choose Laravel over other PHP frameworks for web development. I have done rigorous research to find the best answer to this query. Here are the top reasons why Choose Laravel Over Other PHP Frameworks. 

Top 16 advantages of Laravel framework in web development

#1 Importance of Laravel in web development: User-friendly codes

The abundance of tools, libraries, and templates are provided by the Laravel framework. This makes the web app development extremely convenient and flexible. By using this PHP framework, you can make the functioning and coding of the apps more manageable.


#2 Importance of Laravel in web development: Security

What is your primary focus while getting a web app developed? Is it security? Following a checklist for security is the work of developers while writing codes. It is humanly to neglect a few checkpoints because of multiple reasons.  

Laravel eliminates these risks. This is because it has an inbuilt security feature in its framework. All kinds of online threats are taken care of by the possession of CSRF token in the framework. 

There are enough ways provided by Laravel developers to its users to make their web apps secured. Some of these ways are the use of SQL statements and Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm. 


#3 Importance of Laravel in web development: Object-relational mapping: 

Laravel provides an inbuilt ORM implementation. It is one of the most beneficial features of Laravel. It is faster than other models of the PHP framework. The highly expressive PHP syntax allows the developers to issue the database queries. 


#4 Importance of Laravel in web development: Unit Testing

This framework of PHP offers unit testing. With the help of this, PHP developers are capable of writing unit-tests in their own code. This is the reason why most PHP developers are in love with Laravel.


#5 Importance of Laravel in web development: Strict Authentication Layer

For any web developer, the most crucial and hectic challenge is to authenticate their web apps. The functionality can be very well achieved with the help of Laravel. It allows the developers to make a logic easily for providing authorized access to users. 

#6 Importance of Laravel in web development: Easy Availability:

Due to the increasing demand for Laravel programming tool, it is not at all tough to find an appropriate Laravel developer according to the specific needs of your business. Apart from that, it is quite easy to get ready-made apps that are available at awesome rates which are budget-friendly for businesses. 

By utilizing their skills, you can explore their ideas and creativity to get an optimum Laravel development for your website. 


#7 Importance of Laravel in web development: Multi-lingual:

What is the best way of making your app to reach different countries? Cutting the language barriers can help your app to surpass the boundaries of different regions of the world. Laravel offers this function to developers. 

You can make your website available in as many languages as you want. This will allow businesses to reach the maximum possible users all around the world without any extra cost or efforts.


#8 Importance of Laravel in web development: Optimum performance:

In the end, the performance of any programming tool matters a lot to get sustainable results. This is because once the development process is over, the performance and efficiency of your output will be of supreme importance.

Some of the benefits of Lavarel are its ability to provide over-the-top customization, it is easy to handle and use. Moreover, the error handling process of Laravel is smooth and easy. By providing plenty of tools, it is helpful for developers in the boosting of their website performance. 


#9 Importance of Laravel in web development: Laracasts

For any website development company, it is important to get guidance and support. In the case of Laravel, they get certain paid as well as free videos for such guidance. By using these videos, they can utilize all the features and functions of Laravel effectively.

It is not a shock to get all this in Laravel package because the framework itself is created by a well experienced and knowledgeable professional trainer, Jeffery Way. Video and lessons which are provided by him are quite informative and useful. 

Moreover, the information in these videos and lessons can be easily added which helps in making the users aware of the updates and latest information related to all the new features. 


#10 Importance of Laravel in web development: Artisan; an in-built command line

When developers need to repeat certain tasks while programming, it becomes quite boring and difficult. For this, Laravel offers a tool called Artisan. It is an important command line that is in-built to this framework. 

With the help of this tool, the Laravel developers can eliminate all kinds of needs to put in extra efforts while repeating the programming tasks. With the help of this, you can manage the databases quite easily. 

Moreover, the creation of a database structure by the developers can also be simple. Along with this, models, skeleton code, migrations, boilerplate code for new controllers can also be generated seamlessly. 

One can implement new custom commands by enhancing the capabilities and functionality of Artisan. 


#11 Importance of Laravel in web development: Cloud storage

Another feature provided by Laravel which deserves to be mentioned here is cloud computing. It offers a cloud storage system which is in-built like Rack space and Amazon S3 cloud storage.   

The icing on the cake is that you can switch between the storage options because the API remains the same for both storage options. This is possible because for both these options the API will remain the same. Moreover, in order to serve the files from different and multiple locations, the developers can utilize both the systems in a single application.


#12 Importance of Laravel in web development: No need to discover new packages

Another great benefit provided by this most popular PHP framework is the composition of many in-built packages. These packages do not require to be installed by the hired ecommerce developers

In fact, Laravel has the capability to install after detecting any package which is suitable as per the needs of the individual user. The web applications are helped by an automated process with the support of the multiple software. Apart from this, the management of the information has become easy with the user composer as a dependency manager. 

#13 Importance of Laravel in web development: Migration of Database 

This is one of the most admired benefits of Laravel. By utilizing the feature of database migration, the sharing of databases of the hired web developers is quite easy with other developers if needed.

This actually saves a lot of time and makes the process of the app more swift and easy. By using this feature, without the recreation of the structure of the database in the web app, its benefits can be enhanced by the Laravel developers. 

In a nutshell, the process of Laravel framework websites development becomes highly secure and gets speed-up. 


#14 Importance of Laravel in web development: MVC Architecture

By supporting MVC architecture, Laravel has become the top choice for developers. With the help of this, the general performance of this PHP framework has improved as it has multiple functionalities to offer along with better documentation. 

The MVC architecture helps in the enhancement of the code execution process. This, in turn, makes Laravel in web development more appealing which has several other functions included. 


#15 Importance of Laravel in web development: Blade Template Engine

One of the top reasons for the high importance of Laravel in web development is its popularity for offering blade template engine as its inbuilt lightweight template engine. With the use of this engine, it is quite convenient to formulate layouts that are using dynamic content seeding.   

It has the ability to provide an overly unique and simple layout to its users. It is designed amazingly to provide them with distinctive sections. A variety of options are offered to the users by the Blade template engine. 

These options help in the exploration of Laravel web development. Some of these options are extended views, defined sections, and escaping conditional statements. The design of the Laravel PHP framework is simple, easy and effective in use. 


#16 Importance of Laravel in web development: Easy coding

The stress of a large part of coding gets eliminated with the use of the Laravel framework in web development. The coding style of this PHP framework is extremely easy to grasp and highly expressive nature. 

You can develop any kind of website by using the Laravel framework for eCommerce. It offers a great level of liberty, freedom, and flexibility to the Laravel developers.




After reading the top 16 advantages of Laravel framework in web development, I hope that you know what is right for you. From database migration to cloud storage, it is providing everything that no single PHP framework is capable to offer. 

If you have a goal to develop a high authority and advanced website then head straight to an efficient Web Development Company. The developers at this company will be able to exploit and explore the different features of Laravel to offer an optimum level of web development for your project. 

In the end, if you still have some other benefits of Laravel framework which you think deserves to be included in this list then please share it in the comment section. I am open to suggestions and criticism because I believe that will increase my knowledge base about top PHP frameworks.