‘Adding proper keywords to the content of your website will help you get enough traffic to your website and also makes it rank higher.’

It must have been a usual thing that almost each of you must have heard whenever you are planning to launch a website. For all those who do not know, keywords are one of the most significant elements of SEO. Do proper research so that you find efficient keywords to rank your website. If you do not pay attention to this, then the entire process of SEO is almost a waste of time and money.

There are many people around who still do not have enough idea of why it is imperative to conduct proper keyword research. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with some significant points which will make it clear why you should prefer doing proper keyword research. So, let us begin now!

9 Reasons Why Keywords Plays an Important Role in Google SERP

1. Get a Consistent Audience Engagement

To make sure that you produce good content for your audience, you must get in acquaintance with the keywords that will help you get traffic. So, the keywords will help you know what your audience loves. Depending on those, you can create quality content that will help you gain a lot of traffic. And not just this, it will also rank your page higher.

2. Conversion Rates Increased

The relevant content, if provided on the internet cannot only get you lots of traffic but will also attract qualified viewers. The conversion rate will get higher if the content is meaningful to the people that are reading it. Many studies have stated that the websites which provide keyword embedded relevant content have been able to gain at least 18 times more profit when compared to the rest of them.

3. Helps You Find New Topics

Keyword research helps you to find a lot of new topics that are related to your niche. When starting with a website of a particular niche, it often gets difficult for you to lookout for new and innovative topics to write about. Hence, at such times, it is of great importance for you to bring out new content now and then to gain the reader’s attention. On the web, you will find ample numbers of tools that can help you to find new keywords that are trending. Make sure that you look for the best keywords, as this will also help you with some interesting content ideas.

4. Utilize Your Time in Creating Quality Content

People often start using random keywords in their content, in hope of gaining traffic and higher ranking on the search engine page. It is always better to save your time wisely and utilize it for some other website-related purposes. Make sure that you do not waste your time adding keywords that are not at all affecting your ranks and traffic. So, make sure that you pay proper attention to the keyword research.

5. Gives You an Insight of Marketing Trend

While you are researching the keywords, it is obvious that you will be able to get an idea of the audience which you will target. It will help you to get a lot of customer insight. The Google search will help you to learn a lot about the type of customers that might be or will visit your website in the future. Understanding the trends and analysis of Google will certainly help you a lot. You will get an idea of the type of content that you need to write down for the users. Not only this, but you can also use tools like Google Trends, which will help you choose the related keywords.

6. Add Keywords in the Right Place

Once you choose the right keyword with proper research and development, the next step that you need to work upon is to find the right place to add it. Well, yes, an individual must ensure that the keywords which they choose are placed in the right place. It will boost the ranking of your website on the search engine organically. From using the alt text, URL, page title, to anchor text; you will require to add all of this to optimize your website’s ranking. In certain surveys, it has been said that between 70-80% of people prefer clicking on organic links rather than the paid advertisements. With that said, your organic search rank is crucial for your long-term performance.

7. Expand the Long Tail Efforts

Using the keyword queries will help you to expand the long tail efforts on your website. It has been very well known that the long tail keyword search has been one of the most popular searches on the internet. Hence, make sure that you start using the long-tail keywords in your content to get higher rankings on the SERPs. The effective research of these keywords will help you end the new markets, gain a large audience, and also strengthen your visibility.

8. Gain Knowledge of SEO and PPC

Just as you will be learning about the keywords, you will also come across the campaigns. For every campaign, different types of keywords work. For example, when you are working on an SEO campaign, you can be flexible while choosing the keywords. It is because, in the PPC, all that matters is how much you pay. The more you pay, the higher you will be listed. However, when compared to SEO, we can say that you will have to look for the keywords that are ranking higher. In the case of SEO, proper research is very important. Also, the rankings gained by SEO will last for a longer time. Similarly, you will be able to learn a lot of other things that will be preceding the keyword research.

9. Helps you get shared socially

You are certainly at benefit even on social media, if you are providing keyword-embedded good quality content to the readers. They will more likely share it on other social media platforms and this will help you gain organic traffic. It is very much seen that people these days love sharing blogs and articles with their known ones on Facebook or Whatsapp. Hence, we would advise you to integrate some method of sharing content, if you are planning to create informative blogs or articles on your website.

Hope that now you must be having an idea of why keywords and their research are essential. It will make it possible for you to ensure that your website gets a huge amount of traffic in a lesser time. While doing this research, you will come to know why and how it is important for all of us to consider keyword research for excellent Google Search results. Also, make sure that whenever you are providing content for a website, the number of keywords added to it should be appropriate. With all of this, you can launch your campaign and certainly get a large amount of traffic on your website. This will help you grow organically on the internet and also let you stay at the top.

So, now that you know the importance of keyword research, we hope that you will be able to create a successful online website or tell your SEO service provider to do it the right way.

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