Are you a WordPress user? Then definitely, you want to know what’s new features are coming? has finally launched its latest version ‘WordPress 5.5’’, named “Eckstine” in honor of Billy Eckstine. It was released on August 11, 2020. The new version consists of some significant updates, new features, and improvements.

Here, I have listed essential points about What’s New in WordPress 5.5? And what changes the new versions carry with it. Read this blog to find out which features will add value to your website.

WordPress 5.5 Covers Three Major Areas:

1. Speed

In order to enhance the loading speed of a web page, WordPress 5.5 has come up with a Lazy-loading images feature. This feature will allow by default load of an image, where the image will come in view on the sequence of scrolling down of that page.

Which means all images will not be loaded at the same time. Hence, it will save time and comfort your visitor to say on your website. On the other hand, it also saves your visitors money on data and helps preserve battery life.

2. Search

When the word “search” comes in, we directly relate this with SEO. Now, in WordPress 5.5, XML Sitemaps are already built-in. This will increase the chances of ranking on the search engines.

Here, the XML file contains all the URLs for a site. This feature allows search engines to crawl your website more efficiently. The XML file that contains the listing of all the sitemap pages exposed by a WordPress site, making the following object types indexable:

These in-built XML sitemap features will allow the search engines to recognize your website in a fraction of minutes when you go live. So, your website will reach the maximum audience in less time. Hence, as a website owner, you get the opportunity to engage, retain, and convert them to potential leads.

3. Security

WordPress 5.5 offers the facility to choose auto-updates for Plugins and Themes. This feature will set your site with the latest codes. You also get the chance to turn on or off for each plugin or theme you have installed. Now you can update plugins and themes by uploading ZIP files.

Highlights From the Block Editor

  • Block patterns

The new WordPress 5.5 brings multiple updates to the editor. These new features will help you in enhancing the writing experience.

The new block patterns give editors a simple and fun experience to build complex, simple, and beautiful layouts websites. Even, you have the option to create a combination of text and media content.

  • Block directory

WordPress 5.5 releases new block directory plugins that add new blocks to the block editor. It is also built-in to the ‘Add New block’ search. So, whenever you want to search for any plugin, just search it on the search block. If the search matches the directory, then you will get the result instantly. And if no match is found, it will automatically show matching not found.

  • Inline Image Editing

Earlier to perform mage editing activities like crop, resize, rotate, and scale, you were required to open the image in the media library. But with WordPress 5.5 inline image editing feature, you can perform edit of images inline without leaving the block editor. This new feature saves lots of time and effort of the editors.

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There are many more interesting features if WP 5.5. However, I have highlighted some impressive features of the new version of WordPress in this blog. I hope you find this helpful for you. Further, give your view about what features you find exciting and want to use it in your existing and future projects to know more about this technology.