In the world of design, fonts play a very important role. If you are a designer then you surely know the importance of fonts. Logos and fonts are sacred for businesses and under no circumstance do they make compromises with these. You might have come across a situation in your life when you are unable to identify a font or its family and this completely stall your project. What options do you have in such a case? Thankfully, there is a wonderful tool available that not only allows you to identify fonts, but also search for hundreds of alternates.

Let us introduce you to Whatfontis, a robust online tool that allows you to identify a font in no time. This tool works according to your needs and requirements and has some exciting features which came in handy for a graphic designer, blogger or a font enthusiast. Unlike other traditional tools Whatfont is can even pinpoint a font from a scanned image. This gives an added advantage to designers as it allows you to find out a font from even printed ads. Apart from merely identifying the font it also allows you to search for alternatives within the family from the huge font library.

Font Finder

This is the nerve center of this online tool and allows you to identify front from an URL, scanned image or a text documents in merely three steps. They are –

  • Step 1 – In the first step, you will need to feed the data into the online tool for it to deliver you the results. Here, you start by uploading a screenshot or the scanned image or providing the URL of the image in some site to the search tool. Now this tool has a database of over 150,000 fonts and you shall need to specify your preferences for the search results. It can scream among free fonts, free alternative fonts or commercial fonts based on your needs and purpose.
  • Step 2 – This is the authentication stage in identifying the fonts. Here the font finder will display the various characters in the image or the URL and have a corresponding box where you will need to offer your inputs. This will help the tool ensure you 100% true results.
  • Step 3 – In this step, the tool will identify the fonts and display the results in front of you. In case the font finder fails to zero in on a font (which happens in extremely rare cases) it will display 100 alternatives that resemble the font in the image or the URL making your design project easier to handle.

Simple Accessibility

There cannot be a more user-friendly tool that helps you identify fonts online. Whatfontis has been designed to offer results to the users in no time. It doesn’t require any advanced skills on the part of the design as we have already explained above in the 3 step font finder. Apart from identifying the font for you this tool also gives you lead from where you can download the fonts for free and purchase the premium ones. This tool does away with the process of taking a guess on some fonts and risking the whole design project.

Noteworthy Features

  • Whatfontis has a huge database of more than 150000 fonts that allow users to find fonts that they are looking for.
  • The tool allows you to search for fonts by their names and font family making it the most preferred front search tool. It offers you downloadable links and also sites where you can by these fonts from.
  • Whatfontis can also be used to find alternatives to a font in case the tool is unable to zero in on a font. This comes handy for the designers who often offer variations in design to the clients.
  • The tool is still in its Beta stage and hence advanced features are expected in it soon. At present the tool is absolutely free for the users.
  • The tools also has a provision to search for fonts by their names and families which makes it a great tool for searching fonts online in a single window.
  • Whatfontis has an efficient custom service where the agents guide the users in making proper use of the tool for their business endeavors.

Ease of Identification

using this tool it becomes very easy to identify a font. It doesn’t take hours of manual scrutiny and zooming in sessions. You won’t need to be a typography expert to identify a font as the entire process is automated and takes only a few minutes to offer you a result.


If you are graphic designer this is one of the best tools that has come your way for a long time. This tool has been designed keeping in mind all the problem areas that designers face while working with fonts. The fact that it is free adds to the deal.