In the recent years, a lot of website builder tools have made their way into the market. These tools simplify web development and allow armature developers to create robust websites from scratch without the knowledge of coding. But in a world where there are hundreds of such tools available how do you zero in on one which serves your business needs? How do you know which tools is better without wasting your time trying out different tools in a bid to build a website? This is where has come to the rescue of wannabe web developers. It is helping them choose the right tool for their web development needs.

To start with, one shouldn’t be confused with a website builder tool. It is a platform which rates the different website builders that are available in the market. It reviews all the tools on different parameters such as user-friendliness, scope of customization and technical factors to present you with a comprehensive guide in picking up the right tool for your web development needs. All the site builders are tested and reviewed by highly skilled web developers who adopt an unbiased approach while offering you an insight into various pros and cons of the tools. You can rest be assured about the fairness of these reviews and choose a tool based on these reviews.

Web Templates Showcase

This is one of the standout features of and makes it so popular among the users. You won’t have to browse through dozens of online site builders to find a template which suits your business needs and your taste. The web template showcase allows you to choose among hundreds of website templates from the top-rated online site builders in the world.

You will agree to the fact that the look and feel of the website acts a deciding factor in its success. But there are occasions when you get bored browsing for templates from different websites and end up choosing one may not meet all your expectations. All this is a passé as you will be able to catch glimpse of templates from different sources in a single screen.

Since, many site builders offer you the same features and functionalities, it makes sense to choose the templates first and then the site builder. These templates have been divided into different genres such as Artist Website Templates, Blog Templates, Church Website Templates, Flash Website Templates and HTML5 Website templates. You can easily filter templates from different categories and zero in on the template genre you are looking for.

How it is Useful?

We have said a lot of things about and now we shall sum up the major advantages of this platform.

  • You Select The Right Tool – Different businesses have different needs and thus you need to choose the site builder tool based on those specifications. This becomes easy as the reviews help you choose the right tool.
  • It Offers Choice of Templates – You can choose from a pool of templates cutting across different websites in a single window. This offers you more choice and also eases the process of choosing templates.
  • Useful Tutorials – There are many useful tutorials in the website which to teach you various aspects of web development. This is a great resource for the first time website builders.

If you are planning to develop a website using an online site builder visiting is a must for you. It will help you choose the right tool and the best template for your site and most importantly save you lots of time.