So a brilliant idea for a business has just hit your mind. The next thing you know is that you’re looking for people to help you give it an identity in the form of a company, and most importantly turn it profitable. Mind you, this takes a lot of time and effort, especially when a business revolves around Software technologies. Your business plan may require you to hire full-stack developers and hire app developers to get started from the baseline. Or if you want to leverage software trends and prepare for the future, you may look ahead and hire ethereum developers, hire hyperledger developers to capitalize on Blockchain. If application experience is all that counts, then you can hire electron developers to build well-optimized desktop applications.

So if you’re looking to hire app developers for any of these software technologies and platforms, here’s everything you need to know.

1. When dealing with new technologies, look for experienced development companies to hire app developers:

Dealing with new and emerging technologies is a double-edged sword. At one end, working with new technologies can help companies garner goodwill and attract the attention of investors for a short time (The success of the Blockchain buzzword is a prime example of the same). At the other end, new technologies are an uncharted territory. So being the “first” to work on a new technology or platform also means that you’ll have to be ready to deal with risks, and learn from your experiences the hard way.

Let’s take the top buzzword in the software development world today; Blockchain, as an example. The initial phases of the development scene in Blockchain mostly involved startups and other companies looking for growth. Being the first to work on this new technology, they faced all sorts of problems and experiences faced by nobody else in the industry.

Learning from their failures, the leading companies followed suit and now we know that companies such as Apple and JP Morgan had been already working on the Blockchain technology ever since it exploded. Only that they waited, learned from the failures of others before them and set foot to the stage and are now expected to lead the way in future.

If you want to Hire hyperledger developers(The hyperledger project is headed by over 100 leading companies) or hire Ethereum developers (a Decentralized app development platform based on Blockchain), your source should be a development company with a respectable amount of experience and an outstanding portfolio and work history.


2. Look for the jacks of all trades. Masters of one won’t survive in the modern world of software development

So when assembling a team to develop a full application package, there are two types of businessmen. One which seeks to hire full-stack developers, and the other which looks to hire app developers with mastery in a specific stack. However, in the modern world of DevOps solutions and other approaches promoting collaboration and teamwork, lone-wolfs simply won’t survive.

An ideal client looking to hire app developers must look for the jack of all trades, i.e., hire full-stack developers as many as possible. Those which can deal with any part of the development process, and can share their experiences and knowledge to form a collective and dedicated development team combing skills and experience to develop and deploy the most innovative solutions.

This isn’t to say that masters of specific tasks aren’t needed. They definitely are, but it is a collaboration that must be the core. After all, human civilization itself has built itself and dominated the planet through collaborative efforts, and not individual goals.

Call for Action

These tips can help you make the best choice to hire app developers, and assist you in dealing with new technologies when you hire Hyperledger developers or hire ethereum developers for Blockchain (Why Blockchain? The term itself is enough for investors to pump in loads of investments into your business).

You may benefit greatly from building apps if you hire mobile app developers and hire electron developers (With Progressive web apps coming to desktops, these apps can reach greater peaks along with mobile app development; though not higher than the latter). If you hire full-stack developers, you’ll benefit greatly from the expertise and gain incredible flexibility in development projects.

So what next? Well, the search to hire app developers starts with the search for a top software development company which can provide you portfolios with the best qualifications to hire software developers.