Customer satisfaction is the most important thing in any business. In the services sector the growth and survival of your business depends on how well you cater to the customers. This doesn’t relate to the quality of your service alone but to the overall experience that customer derives from your service. For professionals such as lawyers, therapists, accountants, coaches, and photographers scheduling appointments with the customers is an important side to delivering satisfaction. Requiring your customers to call to book an appointment is a passé. It is not only an old-fashioned method in today’s age but it also creates a lot of confusion and requires you to cross check your schedule and do a lot of pen and paperwork. The need of the hour is a smart scheduling solution that can manage appointment on its own.

This is where a solution like Ubooq fits into your bill perfectly. It is a robust online appointment booking solution that has been designed for professionals and companies that provide services on an appointment basis. This online solution is highly user-friendly allowing your customers to book appointments with ease. It is a 24×7 solution that allows the customers to make bookings adding to your convenience as well as that of your customers. As soon as an appointment is booked the software automatically sends a message to the customer’s mobile confirming the appointment. The backend of the software stores all the appointment information along with other important customer data for quick and easy access.

Why should You Use Ubooq?

There are many benefits of using this solution and here are six benefits that you can leverage by using this software –

  1. Save Time – One of the biggest benefits of using Ubooq is the fact that it saves time as you will no longer will have to handle the appoints manually. The online solution works by itself and ensures that your appointments are being booked without you having to look into it.
  2. Customer Friendly – No customer likes to call your phone several times and seek your appointment or know about your availability. Ubooq offers the customers an easy way to book appointment according to their convenience.
  3. No Hard Feelings – If you are in the service industry you would have experienced some of your regular clients seeking an appointment at the last minute and disturbing your schedule. With the use of online software, you won’t disturb your schedule or disappoint any of your customers.
  4. Cost Effective – In an era of competition, when you are trying to find new ways to cut costs, Ubooq allows you to manage appointment in a cost effective manner. You will no longer have to hire the services of a receptionist to manage your appointments.
  5. Reminder Services – Along with managing your appointments, Ubooq also sends reminders through text messages to your customers. This does away with the chances of your customer booking an appointment and not turning up on time.
  6. Creates Awareness – This online solution also promote your business as it comes with a social integration feature that allows your customers to spread the word about you. You gain from publicity without spending a dime on it.

Features of Ubooq

  • 24×7 Service – Being an online solution Ubooq works on a 24×7 schedule. This allows your customers to book appointments as per their convenience even at mid-night. It also ensures that your appointments are being booked even when you sleep which is what you want when you are a newcomer into the business.
  • Simplified Booking – Bookings couldn’t have been simpler. All that your customers need to do is select a service and time and enter their mobile number and the appointment would be booked. Can it get any simpler?
  • Appointment Ticket – Whenever a customer books an appointment using Ubooq all the appointment details are sent to their mobile phone. This generates a sense of confidence and authenticity in the minds of your customers.
  • Instant Access of Information – The software allows you to access information relating to all your appointments in one screen. This allows you to schedule yourself better on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Appointments in Real Time – The online solution allows your customers to book appointments in real time. They no longer have to call you or your receptionist and confirm an appointment. They can easily know your availability and book appointments as per their convenience.
  • No Bogus Appointment – Once a customer requests an appointment, the online software verifies his or her mobile number. This prevents spammers from booking bogus appointments and blocking your schedule. Apart from the bogus appointments you can also do away with multiple appointments for the same time schedule.

Cost of The Application

The developers of Ubooq have aptly priced the solution keeping in mind the needs and budget of individual service providers as well as large businesses. There are five distinct plans PRO, DUO, TEAM, L-TEAM and XL-TEAM. These are priced at $19, $29, $49, $89 per month respectively. XL- TEAM plan doesn’t have any price tag and the firm offers this depending on the number of users. The features of the application are common across all the pricing plans with the price variation depending on the number of users. You can also signup for the free trial where you get 30 appointments without having any obligations.

Who Is It Recommended For?

Ubooq is recommended for all professionals and corporate houses, whose business works on an appointment basis. As we have already mentioned, professionals like lawyers, therapists, accountants, coaches, and photographers can benefit by making use of this application.

Final Words

In a competitive business environment, you need to satisfy the needs of your customers to stay ahead in the race. Ubooq can simplify the booking process and satisfy your customers and lead to increase in your revenue. Hundreds of customers around the world have already been benefitted from the use of this robust application.