Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, announced a list of interesting engagement stats, and then slipped in this tiny piece of information in an informal business meeting on Thursday morning that “Users will begin to observe promoted tweets from companies you don’t follow.”

Twitter has already started placing promoted tweets in user’s timelines earlier but was vigilant to note at it would only be possible to view the tweets if you have followed the product. As you would be observing those product’s’ tweets anyhow, the only dissimilarity that you would observe was that some of those tweets were sticky, means those tweets would reside at the peak of your account until you read them.

Costolo announced earlier today was that all of the users would begin to observe promoted tweets in their timeline, despite of how they are using Twitter. It does not matter whether you are one of the corporation’s mobile customer or a third-party service, everyone would observe those ads at their timeline.

This was predictable; Twitter had decided long time before that advertising would be its major resource for profits. The only thing that matter is that how twitter will handle the roll out of promoted tweets. And Twitter CEO is trying to be cautious as much possible he can. Costolo said “, Promoted Tweets that you will notice in your timeline will depend on the concern graph of the products which you follow, so you would be seeing that content only in which you are already fascinated with.”

Users have to wait and see the authentic rollout prior to passing the final decision. But from today’s confirmation, it appears that Costolo is managing this vital evolution in the most excellent approach possible. This announcement shows that he is very much concerned for the betterment of Twitter.

Therefore, those eye-popping engagement figures, Costolo had to show that Twitter is flourishing under his supervision and so it is. As compared to the commencement of current year, 110% more tweets are being sent daily nowadays.