Twitter has launched its photo sharing service across the globe and you can start using it, the next time you login to your Twitter account. A Twitter spokesperson confirmed to VentureBeat that this feature is live now and can be used by the people across the globe. This feature is powered by Photobucket, which will enable users to attach images to tweets from the online app.

For adding an image to your tweet, you need to simply click inside the tweet-composing text field. Then, you will perceive a small camera icon underneath the field next to a small location icon. Now, click the camera icon to upload your image in your tweet, then compose and send your tweet.

Images will emerge as shortened links that will begin with “” When the tweets are clicked, the images will come out as thumbnails in the right sidebar; by clicking the links themselves, a new Twitter-branded tab with the image along with the tweet for context will get displayed.

Once your image is uploaded, your followers can preview it from their timeline. You can upload images of any resolution and Twitter will automatically scale the image in order to make it fit on the display pane of new Twitter interface but there is one constraint that you cannot upload images that are either 3MB or bigger in file size.

Presently, this image sharing service can only be used for sharing images. Video-sharing facility allegedly still in the works. Twitter’s focus on building user-friendly, visually attractive products has undoubtedly paid off.