Do you want to write a blog that matters to your viewers?

Of course, you do!

Starting a blog might seem easy for you. But let me remind you of some facts that tell what type of content is published more often before you dive in for How do you write a trending blog? Or search for trending topics for blogs.

Blog Trending Statistics

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Creating content is tough, especially when it comes to knowing – What are good topics for a blog? Often, bloggers find themselves stuck in this situation as there is no sense in having a low-performing blog. You need to plan harder to find out relevant, trendy, yet worth making blog topics.

Here’s What Are The Most Trending Topics For Blogs In 2021

Most Trending Topics For Blogs

If you plan to start your blogging journey or are already there, 2021 is a great time to roll out.


We have limited our outing due to the COVID 19 outbreak. So, dependency on online solutions is booming. We find them a good source to avail service, grab information,  and a lot more.

Surprisingly, stats say 18% of people have adopted online content and tools for the first time during national lockdowns.

Digital Services During Covid 19

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So are you running out of blog ideas? If yes, stick around.

We all know blogging is versatile, it can be done for many reasons like business promotion, using your spare time, or motto to make money. It is completely up to you.

Although when it comes to what trending topics for blogs 2021? What should you write? Then here we are, sharing the best topic for blogging that is here to stay in 2021. Here, we will distribute 101 topic ideas for blogs to different categories or ay different niches.

Here Are 101 Trending Topic List For 2021

Trending Topic List

Here are some of the blog topics list that you can start blogging to improve the content impression.

  • Health and fitness.

Since everyone is taking care of their health and want to boost their immunity, it’s a great idea to create content for health & fitness. And, this topic is something that will never be going to end; people want to read about the morning routine, exercise, running, yoga to stay healthy.

  1. Health insurance plans for a family.
  2. Healthcare Wearable Devices To Be Used In 2021
  3. Today’s Healthcare Wearables Solution: Must Have
  4. Big Data in Healthcare: What role will it play?
  5. TOP 20 MAgical Ideas To Deal With Mental Health
  6. The easiest way to track health & fitness: TOP 10!
  7. Workout Goals: 5 Ways To Keep Yourself fit at home
  8. How To Look Good & Stay Fit During Pregnancy
  9. How To Stay Fit & Fine While Working All Day,
  10. How To Stay Fit Without Going To Gym?
  11. What are the 6-morning habits of high performers?
  12. What are the best early morning habits you should do?
  13. What is the daily routine in lockdown?
  14. How can I make a day good in lockdown?
  15. Are our 10-minute workouts effective?
  • Work from home or home activities.

No wonder work from the home topic ideas for blog posts is rolling out these days. People look for online content that solves their problems, like managing their work at home, setting up their home office, etc.

  1. How can I work remotely while camping?
  2. How to work remotely and travel?
  3. Work from home jobs online.
  4. Creative date night ideas when you are staying at home.
  5. How to start your own business from home?
  6. How to help small entrepreneurs using online branding?
  7. How to boost productivity when working from home?
  8. Why is work from home Effective?
  9. Ideas to set up a home office.
  10. 10 easy tips to set up a work desk from home.
  11. Tips for working from home from another country.
  • Food Blog Ideas

It’s crazy but true; the world’s focus turned to food. While staying at home, people are cooking and looking for recipes. You can write on-trend recipes and use eye-catching images to engage your readers.

  1. What do you cook during a lockdown?
  2. Type of foods people should avoid during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  3. What can I make at home during a lockdown?
  4. What is the most baked item in lockdown?
  5. What are the most popular recipe sites?
  6. What are three ways to organize recipes?
  7. What is the best dish to cook?
  8. The easiest step to bake a cake:  Step by step
  9. What are the ingredients used in a baking cake?
  10. Does coronavirus disease get transmitted via the consumption of cooked foods?
  11. What is butter chicken sauce made of?
  12. Can I bake my chicken in butter?
  13. How do you make homemade chicken butter?

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  • Travel blogs

Though traveling blogs were ending (2020), however, when slowly everything was on track, the restriction was fewer means people are allowed to travel for a particular time,  travel bloggers make use of that time.

Although International travel sounds like it will take time, some travel-savvy bloggers continue to do well and start posting how to explore local outdoor places.

  1. National parks road trip of a lifetime near me.
  2. How to stay safe/healthy while traveling
  3. What type of changes do we see in the travel industry due to COVID-19?
  4. Mistakes to avoid while traveling
  5. The top-10 list of your favorite travel apps
  6. How do I take better photos while traveling?
  7. What not to eat
  8. Dog-friendly trips
  9. Road trips in the locality.
  • DIY and crafts blog ideas

The next thing that is on a boom-DIY and crafts in 2021. People are painting, creating, designing while making proper use of leisure time. You can post some money-saving, budget-friendly DIY ideas.

  1. What are some fun, easy crafts?
  2. What crafts can I make at home?
  3. What can I do for arts and crafts?
  4. What are some cool DIYs?
  5. How do you make art and craft home decorations?
  6. How do you make decorative paper at home?
  7. How do you make a phone cover with glitter paper?
  • Diet blogs

Similarly to health & fitness, diet blog ever-welcomed ideas. There are lots of people who lose or gain weight. Here are a few of the personal blog topics:

  1. 10 ways through which one can maintain a healthy diet during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. How can I boost my immune system fast?
  3. What is the healthiest way to cook chicken?
  4. Which type of cooked chicken is good for your health?
  5. How can I lose weight by eating chicken?
  6. Is boiled chicken healthy?
  7. Which fruit is good for the immune system?
  8. How can I naturally boost my immune system?
  9. What are signs that indicate you have a weak immune system?
  • Beauty blog ideas

Again something that is booming these days is beauty blogs. When beauty salons close, beauty hacks for grooming continue to be popular.

  1. Share your updated skincare routine.
  2. 10 beauty products you must give a try in 2021.
  3. Share your top 10 favorite face masks.
  4. Your spa night routine.
  5. 15 eye looks with one palette.
  6. Makeup trends you should avoid.
  7. What one makeup brand that should you use to see great skin transformation?
  8. Heatless hairstyles ideas.
  9. Makeup hacks every newbie needs to know.
  10. How to save money on makeup products.
  11. Your go-to daily makeup routine.
  12. Five tricky tips to reduce time on your makeup.
  13. Makeup items from last year that were 100% worth the hype.
  14. Overrated makeup items.
  15. Skincare tips for every skin type.
  • Technology blog ideas

You can cover on-trend technology such as blockchain, AI, Big Data, Cloud Computing, etc.

  1. How much will Dogecoin be worth in the coming five years?
  2. Will Dogecoin reach $5?
  3. Which Cryptocurrency will explode in 2021?
  4. What is the prediction for Bitcoin in 2021?
  5. How do I find a software development partner?
  6. Which technology is best for mobile app development?
  7. Latest web development technologies 2021
  8. How efficiently can one use Blockchain in mobile app development?
  9. AI in Mobile App Development: What’s the future?
  10. How Chatbot Apps & AI Technology Are Transforming Mobile Industry?
  11. What Strategies Applied for a Profitable PPC Campaign?
  12. How will Blockchain change the future?
  13. How is AR different from VR?
  14. How the Internet of Things (IoT) Will Transform The Healthcare Industry In 2021 & Beyond?
  15. Uncover the business benefits of iOS App Development Globally.
  16. How can Mobile Apps be Helpful for Restaurants?
  17. How Is Mobile App Analytics Helping Business To Achieve Success?
  18. Why Python Is Great To Build Your Financial and Banking App?
  19. What Strategy You Must Use In Strong Financial Mobile App Development
  20. Why is it essential to use an app for your Travel Business?
  21. How Progressive Web Apps Will Impact Your Business In 2021?
  22. Content Marketing Tips That Assist You In Attracting New Customers

What Are The Easiest Sources To Find Out The Trendy Topics?

The online community & Internet have helped people in many aspects. So, keep your worries aside, and let’s find out how to search trending topics for blogs.

  • What’s in trend?
  • What’s going on in real-time?
  • Which industry is booming?
  • What’s new in the tech world?
  • What are the most popular blog topics?

So, if you are willing to come up with smart content worth it for your viewers and at the same time want to add money to your pocket. Then you should use these resources available on the Internet to find trendy topics in your niche quickly.

  • Google Trends

The first and the most important tool that can be used to check the daily search patterns is not other than Google Trends. Using this tool, you feel more overwhelmed to find out topics in trends for your chosen niche.

For example:

Google Trends

  • Quora

When you want to answer those questions more often asked by the people for your chosen niche, then Quora is good to go. So, create your Quora account, look at the questions people ask; by typing the keyword (search words or phrases) on the search bar, you will get the list of questions. Moreover, you can filter these questions based on the timeframe.


  • Reddit

The next place where you can find the trending problems the mass in your niche is searching for the most is the Reddit platform. Besides, here you can review all the feedback shared by viewers on the blogs already published.


  • Twitter

If you have a budget issue and don’t want to invest in an expensive subscription-to-use tool for finding out the on-trend blog topic ideas 2021, then Twitter is the best social platform to extract such things.

  • Pinterest

As per the Pinterest Business site, 85% of weekly US Pinners have purchased Pins from brands. So it’s a must-have platform for all businesses, omnichannel retailers, content creators to acknowledge trendy topics.

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What Next?

The best thing about blogging, you can start with zero dollars, but if everything goes well, you can earn $1000+ per month. I am not just firing words in the sky; the Huffington Post website has $2,330,000 monthly earnings ( Source: Incomediary).

So, who knows, it can be you next. We would advise don’t delay your task of choosing a topic for your blog. Pick a blog topic from above; they all are in trend.


What are good topics for a blog?

Usually, you should pick the topic of your interest to write about and mention it easily. However, to create a trendy topic, you can cover points like:

  • Tutorials
  • Industry News
  • Current Events in The World.
  • Controversial Issues.
  • Turn Checklists into Blog Posts.
  • Listicles.
  • Infographics.
  • Case Studies.

How do I find trending blog topics?

There are lots of sources from which you can extract trending blog topics; here are a few of them:

  • Twitter
  • Google Trends
  • Social Mention
  • Keyhole
  • Agorapulse
  • Buzzfeed
  • Reddit
  • Topsy

What blogs are in demand?

The topic that is rolling out in 2021 are:

  • Health & Fitness Blog.
  • DIY Blogging
  • Sports Focused Blogs
  • Blogs about Politics
  • Travel Blogging
  • Car and Automobile Blogging.

How do I start a blog with no money?

If money is your problem, you can start blogging with the following steps:

  • Head to to start a blog for free.
  • Select a Free plan.
  • Create your account.
  • Choose a domain.
  • Choose a theme.
  • Customize your blog.
  • Create your first blog post.