You must have started your business for a couple of reasons. The reason could be anything: you want to help people, you want to work from home or just to make money. Well, the only way you can fulfill all your desires is if your business has clients.

Yes, you heard it right; if you want to grow your business, you need clients. Ultimately, to let your client know about your business’s existence, you have to promote it as much as possible. In that situation, leverage social media sites for promotion, lead generation, or to increase revenue.

Did you know?

The average time spent daily on social media by internet users worldwide has amounted to 145 minutes per day as of 2020.

Social Media Statistics

Image Source: Statista

But before you select, it’s crucial to determine:

  • Which site fits your brand image?
  • What’s your capacity- how much platform can you manage at once?
  • Is it the same site that your target audiences are using?

Are you ready with answers? If not, scroll down to get your answers. To make things easier for you, I have curated a list of the top 10 social media platforms.

Top Social Media Platforms For Business That Need More Focus In 2021


Surprisingly, with approx 2.6 billion monthly active users, Facebook is arguably the biggest social media platform we have today. Moreover, it is fastly evolving the user base, all thanks to its one-to-one interaction and post-sharing features.

Not only that, there are lots of other features that marketers are using to outreach their customers. Besides ups in the user’s count, Facebook is still one of the greatest places to advertise your business.

With this, you can use content in different forms to promote, such as

  • You can create videos.
  • You can create gifts.
  • You can create questions and answers.
  • You can create events.

From a start-up to a well-established organization, everyone uses this marketing platform with the proper ad format, newsletters, targeting, messaging, and much more.

Facebook Usage Stat


Instagram is another sensational social media platform launched on 6 October 2010. In a short period, it has millions of users. Instagram’s user base is increasing every other day and will reach above 1.074 billion users worldwide in the next couple of years.

With lots of fun, today, Instagram is not all about sharing images; you can even share content like live videos, stories, reels, etc., to promote your brand. It is a go-to platform, broadly benefits to make relationships with your customers without paying any money.

But, for that, your visuals have to be good; quality photos, a good caption, and the right hashtags are enough to encourage people to tend towards your brand. If you are seeking quick value, then Instagram is a great way to leverage your promotional activities. It is a powerful business tool, especially if you do sell products.

Instagram Usage Stat


Primarily, LinkedIn was a platform where people post their resumes; they share all experiences they know to come in the eyes of big companies. But, today, LinkedIn is not only for hiring people or businesses looking for candidates; it is the place where companies can share what’s going on in their business!

LinkedIn is the number one b2b social network, so there are a lot of things that you can do but ensure you have a quality profile. Make sure to list your information with your website link and much more.

LinkedIn’s organic search right now is massive. You can get so much attention there if you post quality content, and on top of that, you get to have a group. If you don’t have a group related to your business, you miss out on many different opportunities to grow your business organically.

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LinkedIn Usage Stat


Twitter is an interesting social media platform where you can market your business in a super-fast way. But, of course, you have to keep your content precise, use links, use good images, and few hashtags.

In 2021, Twitter has turned 15 years, and its user base might grow 2.4% from the previous year.


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Quora is another great, free way to promote your business. Here people ask questions; if you are an expert about something, you can answer and get upvotes.

You can share information related to your business in texts. Thus, the platform is not only helping people answer a few questions that add some value, but help enterprises promote their firm.


It is an excellent tool for you, sharing your business relevant content in the form of images to boost traffic, gain leads, and a lot more organically.

You have a chance to grow on Pinterest. People are in-and-out searching for interesting ideas, organizational pictures to inspire all the time. So you should start focusing more on Pinterest if you want to inspire other people. For instance, if you have blogs,  you can share them, thereby putting the link of your website in a nice cover photo.

Here you can pin content if they end up in your boards, or anybody who visits your profile will be able to go through your boards and look at all the pin content. So, this practice can continuously grow your organic reach with the pin content you have, the more unique and better one. But, it is only for your business growth, so practice it by today.


Take your business on  YouTube to see dramatic changes in audience count; it will grow incredibly quickly. You will start getting more customers and be able to advertise your business for free.

YouTube provides such an incredible opportunity because not only is it free exposure for your business, but it also gives you a platform for you to share your message with the world.

Besides, ensure you create a video that holds your message very clear. While creating a compelling video, you need to answer those basic questions to yourself  like

  • Who exactly is your target customer?
  • What did they desire?
  • How will your product help them?
  • How can your product solve the problem that they are facing?
  • Why should they even trust you?

Also, take a look at the YouTube channels of your competitors and see what video topics have performed better for them. Then, after analysis, you can cover those questions but in a much better way.

According to Statista, T-Series is the most popular YouTube channel with 183 million users as of May 2021.

YouTube Channel Statistics


WhatsApp has over 2.5 billion active users worldwide, and it is an extremely powerful messaging social media platform to advertise your business.  You can opt for few activities, such as broadcast lists; you can add contacts to the broadcast list where you will be able to send them direct messages.

Another thing you can do on this platform,  greet your group of potential customers or be a part of business groups that are similar to your brand—this way, you can expand your presence and have your name branded in these networks.


Reddit is a great place to explore your business, but if you go on Reddit and start saying buy my stuff! It will kick you off. Reddit is a community where you connect with other people and help other people out.

You can do a few things, like pull up your competition and review their stuff and the things they are talking about. It is a great way to analyze them and see what their customers are saying about them.  So do not just put the sell-oriented content; try to publish those types of content that add value and solve users’ problems.


Like any other social networking site, marketers can use Tumblr to post text, GIFs, photos, videos, audio, etc. But it is more popular as a microblogging platform with a strong social aspect. Besides, it hosted around 518.7 million blogs on its site, way back in February 2021.

Tumblr Statistics

Since it is for free, SEO experts find it easy to promote a brand. The reason why it comes under the roof of most popular social media sites for business. With over 300 million unique users, you can use this platform to develop a strong online presence.

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Over To You!

Many social media platforms come and go with the passing years, but only a few of them manage to stay for a long time, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Each of them has unique strengths, so you need to determine which will work best for your business, which requires more focus, which has more potential to engage your audience, and more.

So, if you’re struggling to expand your marketing reach, the above-mentioned social media networking website or app can work wonders. In fact, it is the right time to accomplish two, three, or even more in your marketing skills.


What are the top 5 social media apps?

Over the last couple of years, many social media platforms have launched. But only a few of them are still viable to win users hearts; here are the best social media sites that biggest potential in 2021 are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • WhatsApp

Is TikTok a social media?

Yes, Tik Tok is a social media platform launched in September 2016.

  • Monthly Active Users – Over 1.1 billion (February 2021)
  • Total App Downloads – 62 million downloads ( January 2021)

What is the safest social media app?

Social media channels are wonderful tools that allow you to express through text messages, sharing pictures and videos. But the risk of getting hacked is always there unless the platform you are using is secured.

Online abuse and Data breaches are the two most common problems of today’s world, and they can have a serious impact on people’s lives and mental health. So, it is always good to go with safe and secured apps. Here are some of the safest social apps:

  • WhatsApp
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn