Buying a top of the range mobile phone can seem very expensive, and it is a huge investment. But you do get what you pay for. Spending hundreds of pounds on a device means that you get something that does everything you want and then more. There are a lot of top of the line phones on the market nowadays, and making a decision between them can be difficult. These phones tend to be fairly similar in design and have most of the same features. However, there are differences between them, and these differences may influence your purchasing decision.

Sony’s new Xperia Z model is a powerhouse of a phone, doing pretty much everything bigger and better than its competitors. But the Samsung Galaxy S III is widely considered by experts to be the best cell phone currently on the market. So which of these two is better? We put the Sony head to head up against the Samsung to find out exactly how they compare and what their differences are. If you want to buy the best cell phone that you can, then keep reading to find out which of these two carries our recommendation…

The Pluses of the Sony Xperia Z…


The Xperia is really a stunning phone. It is the faster device, running a 1500 MHz processor, rather than the slower 1400 MHz processor on the Samsung, making it more powerful and snappier. It also runs double the RAM of the Galaxy, meaning it’s more responsive and better able to handle multi-tasking or running more than one process at a time. The screen on the Xperia is larger, measuring in at a full five inches as compared to the 4.8 inches on the Samsung. It’s also better quality. The Xperia’s display has two and a half times higher resolution and forty per cent more PPI (pixels per inch), meaning that the picture quality on the Xperia is brighter, crisper and has better colour reproduction than that on the Galaxy. The camera is also of higher resolution, the Xperia comes with a massive 13 MP built in camera, as compared to the regular 8 MP cam on the Galaxy. That means that photos taken on the Xperia are better quality with more fine detail than those taken with the Samsung. Finally, the Xperia comes in slightly thinner than the Galaxy, measuring eight mm as compared to the Galaxy’s 9 mm.

The Pluses of the Samsung Galaxy S III…


On paper the Samsung has a few advantages over the Sony, but they don’t always work out. You do get more internal memory, the Galaxy comes with 32 GB of storage versus 16 GB on the Xperia, meaning you can store more music and pictures. The Galaxy has a Super AMOLED screenm rather than the older TFT LCD screen on the Xperia, which should be brighter and crisper, but because the Xperia has higher resolution and PPI, that’s not really true. Finally, the Galaxy has faster data transfer speeds, meaning quicker downloads and faster opening of web pages, but the faster processor on the Xperia really balances that out.

Our Recommendation…

We go for the Sony Xperia Z every time. You get more phone for your money, with a bigger and better screen, not to mention that great camera and better processing power.

Phil Turner thought of buying an iPhone 3gs pay as you go phone last year, but decided against it.

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