Almost all companies worth their salt maintain a Facebook page.  If you are a business on Facebook, you would want to make sure that your efforts are rewarded first by having people like your page, having them participate in your page activities, and lastly, by having them engaged.  All of these would give you more opportunities to market and to eventually sell your products or services.

But how do you do all these?  Let’s take a look at five of the best practices for Facebook business and brand pages, and see how the world’s top brands do it!

1. Greet them right.

How do you actually greet your customers?  In your physical store, you would probably have somebody from your staff greet everyone who comes in a great day.  Or a simple “hi” and “hello.”  Why not on your Facebook page?

Be clear as to what you want them to do.  So a customer gets into your page.  If he or she sees nothing of interest, he or she will probably leave without liking your page.  You do not want that.  Capture his or her attention and make sure to tell him or her that you want to be liked.

Coca-Cola has created a delightful way to get its visitors to like its page.  An eye-catching graphic and arrows point to the like button.  If you feel that Facebook is not your thing, it also gives you options to explore Coke on other social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr.

2. Benefits, benefits, benefits.

Another sure way to get people to like your page is to give them an idea of what they can get from doing it.  Some people need to be nudged before they like your page.

A great example is 1-800-FLOWERS that gives you a teaser headline first and then tells you exactly what you’re going to get when you like their page.

3. Reward your fans with instant prizes, giveaways, and deals.

Another way to enjoin your visitor to like your page is to give them a token of appreciation or a reward for his or her effort. gives away $300 to lucky winners selected from those who like their page.  This not only encourages visitors to like their page, but to also recommend their page to their friends who might be interested in

4. Encourage your customers to participate and create their own content for your site by running a contest on your Facebook page.

The Professional Association of Diving Instructors launched a contest where people could send in their videos and get the chance to win $5,000 plus another $5,000 donated to Project AWARE under their names.

This is a great contest to generate buzz and the prize is attractive enough to get people to join.  The rules are also very simple, and literally everybody could join.  PADI only requires a short video and it does not even have to be professionally edited.

What’s more, PADI was able to do two very difficult things on top of getting word of mouth advertising: strengthen its brand and lobby for its cause.

5. Take time to talk to your fans.

Real engagement does not end with merely liking your page.  People may like your page today and forget all about it tomorrow.  Talk to your customers about something that they are interested in.

Lady Gaga lorded over Facebook until recently when Rihanna overtook her with regard to the number of likes they have on their Facebook page.  However, looking through Lady Gaga’s Facebook page and Twitter feed, it really shows that Mother Monster really loves talking to her fans.

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