Today, Enterprise applications are the main contributing factor that assists worldwide companies and organizations to operate successfully. Through these applications, you can ensure all the employees within a business to have access to a range of services, tools, and resources. Therefore, business owners can vividly enhance both work competence and communication.

Enterprise apps also result in allowing employees to work from anywhere, regardless of their physical location. One of the main benefits of using enterprise apps for your business is to increase employee engagement no matter what size you have. Now, you can see enterprise apps on most of the smartphones and tablet devices with a crossover solution for desktop computers.

However, it is essential that an enterprise mobile application should be developed with such features, functionalities, and user-experiences in mind that give employees a wonderful experience. With good and competent features, you can simply allow a seamless flow of work through the software; thus, allowing a more robust operation execution.

If you want to know how enterprise mobile app can enhance your business, you can go through these top enterprise mobile apps features that can increase employee engagement in your business:


According to the latest survey report, users claimed that a business mobile application should have top-notch security. This high-end feature was voted 96% vital by all other features. By having a high-end enterprise mobile software, your users are bound to put in some large amounts of confidential data in it.

It is not a good option to have company data on your phone and this is where your developed software needs to be invulnerable in terms of security. The application needs to be secured, allowing people to chat and send/receive data without any threat or fear.

As the enterprise doesn’t have any control over the users’ device data and security, it is important for companies to ensure that the app itself is safe and secure to use. Because of this reason, the security measures should a default and apart from small changes as the users should not have any extra rights to change settings; therefore, promoting a secure network for all the users.

Eventually, it is essential that the enterprise ensures that there is a balance achieved in the name of security. So, the application should be safe and secure to use for employees without compromising the liberty of the users.

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Messaging Services

There are lots of enterprise mobile applications that offer chat feature, including chatboxes, instant messaging services or some kind of in-app email client. With this high-end feature, you can able your employees to communicate with each other no matter where they are and what time of day it is.

An enterprise app with a fully-functional chat feature can boost the employee engagement by allowing them to communicate over all regarding different projects and tasks. Various mobile app development companies are there that are giving their complete attention on chat feature.

This feature made a lot of things a lot easier, like the information shared instantly throughout your organization, conversations about projects and workloads can take place anytime with the endless option of looking back on messages for refreshing information.

Furthermore, an application with built-in chat feature will contribute to increasing company security as the network of it will remain internal. 

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Keep Employees Updated and Informed

These days, it seems outdated and inefficient to place a vital notice on the staff board and hoping that everyone will see it. Now, it’s time to move forward by integrating business updates into your enterprising application as you can make sure that every single one of your employee is up-to-date with the latest goings on and can work safely in the knowledge that they know exactly what is going on.

It can also comprise the latest news about the industry, live updates about events or news about the company explains. It would be a great feature, which can be used on a daily basis like morning meeting summaries sent out to all department managers or any other events like modification in company policy.

At the time of writing content for the enterprise like briefs, newsletters or anything, it would be difficult for business owners to get the time so that they can do it in a right manner. Due to this major issuer, there are various managers, who have started turning to writing solution services like UK writings to produce and copy-write the newsletters based on a list of information that is given to them.

Address Book

You may find this feature basic or outdated, but it is worth mentioning. As you have a lot of people around you, so having an integrated address book feature in the app allows you to access all the phone numbers, email address, addresses, extensions and other important contact information.

By integrated address book in the app, you can access all the important contact information instantly that is considered as a key factor to run a successful business. In this world, where everything is connected, we can get the best results for pretty much anything, rapidly.

Moreover, you can add a completely detailed contact profile that allows you to message your whole marketing team or in the tap of a button. In addition to this, you can have a look through each department, skill sets and add pictures as well to make facial recognition simple in meetings. 

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Push Notifications

Are you looking forward to having an app that comes with all the traits of being a good communicator? It would be a good idea to have push notifications. In any case, when there is some urgent work and you forget it as your application did not have push notification. It will affect your business.

So, using the push notification feature in your application is a good choice as you can signify the importance of a task or a notification. However, the push alters will make your application more relevant and useful, so it will suffice all your requirements. With this feature, you and your team will never miss out an alert or message.

So, these are the top five features to include in the enterprise mobile application that can make your app a right choice for your employees. You can boost employee engagement and gain various other benefits as well. 

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