Top digital transformation trends to evolve your business in 2019

Over the past few years, I am looking forward to the next year to predict the most important digital transformation trends of the top digital transformation companies.

Knowing that digital transformation is not only technical shift but an organisational change in technology, business, people’s fellowship, countless possibilities must be taken into account for such consideration. In this year’s forecast, we will attempt to research technology for one year and digital transformation to predict more precisely where we will go. Why are you going there? What are the potential surprises? Hopefully, these top trends can play a role as a kind of device for organisations that advance business and digital transformation. Several new functions have been added over 2018. Customers, cultures, and employees must be at the centre of every technology investment, along with business continuity.




  • IN 2018 we all know that half of the world has experienced a very unsatisfactory chat bot experience. But, nice things, natural language processing, and emotional analysis methods continue to do huge steps. In fact, NLP will shake the entire service industry in ways we do not imagine.
  • With NLP, digital transformation companies can gather insights and improve services based on that. Approximately 40% of large companies adopting it by the end of 2019, and it is becoming one of the trends of digital transformation in 2019.


  • It’s too complicated for lay people to use right now, and there’s no standard way to use it. The only way to get mass blockchain adoption is to create a plug-and-play version that all can use and understand.
  • My guess is that many of the smart blockchain developers are still working to realise the possibility of block chains in 2019 but it will take another 2 or more years to start seeing the promised traction as I am thinking.

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  • As shown in the recent data, we have created the world’s 90% figure in the past year, research also shows that we are simply using 1% of the data. Often being 1% above is a good thing, it’s a 1% that should be embarrassing about most of us preaching the analysis of the report. Marketing, in the form of Microsoft, SAP, SAA and sales force (just names), is a marketing lead in an unlikely business analysis, such as companies’ problems, towards data-related organisations There’s so much to be done. The data they collect and data are stored on. If there is something that you know for sure, the digital transformation will change the way you do business in all sectors. Although it may be difficult to see the expansion, some of these technologies are now, the way we work, the socialisation, the possibility of exchange is wonderful, its meaning far exceeds a year ahead. There are few Digital Transformation companies which provide the best services one of them is PixelCrayons. The company is a leading digital transformation agency. It has over 14 years of expertise and has delivered solutions to 4800+ clients with 97% client retention weight. 

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