You wrote engaging and enticing content for your website, but the blog’s expectations were not met as it did not get enough traffic.

Frustrating right?

It doesn’t matter how well written your content is, but if it’s not getting enough views, all your effort will go in vain.

Your blog needs effective marketing strategies to reach out to the audience to get enough views and engagement.

But have you ever thought the process of marketing your blog is a bit cumbersome?

I think it is because every time you write a blog, you have to do everything from scratch to market your newly published blog.

It will be more comfortable if you work on the marketing strategies only once so that every time you publish a new blog, it will get enough views and engagement.

But is it possible?

The answer is yes. You probably have heard about Quora, Right?

Quora is a platform where you can ask questions and get quality or unique answers from experts. It is an open platform where one can share their views and get connected with other people.

According to foundation, The number of users who visit Quora in a month stands at 300 million.

Quora Growth Statistics

Source: Foundationinc

In this blog, I’ll discuss some of the best strategies that will help you get massive traffic from Quora. But before that, let’s discuss some benefits of choosing Quora.

Why Should You Choose Quora To Generate Website Traffic And Leads?

How to Generate Leads from Quora

Let’s discuss some of the critical benefits of Quora that make it the leading platform to generate traffic and leads.

#1. Helps You Find Exciting Ideas For Your Blog

Quora is the right place for boggers to find exciting and trending topics for their blogs. There is plenty of Q&A available there from which you can get many ideas for your blog.

#2. Builds Your Authority

Posting frequently on Quora helps you become an authority. You have to ensure that you give relevant answers to the questions asked. It won’t happen overnight; you have to hang in there for some time to get an authoritative tag.

#3. Boosts Your Website Traffic

If you post relevant content on Quora regularly, it can work as a traffic-generating tip for your website because it lets your content reach new audiences worldwide.

#4. Helps You Reach Out To New Audience

Millions of people are using Quora as a platform to get answers to their questions. You have this tremendous opportunity to solve their queries and earn their trust and faith.

Quora Introduces the new audience to your blog that will help you increase your overall web traffic and engagement.

#5. Helps You Get Noticed

If you want to write a guest post for top websites or get interviewed by top publications, then Quora is the best platform. Many leading magazines and websites keep an eye on platforms like Quora to work with good bloggers or writers.

How To Get Massive Traffic From Quora

Follow the below strategies to get enormous traffic from Quora.

1. Pick Your Interests Carefully


When you create an account on Quora, it asks you to choose the areas of your interests so that every time you open your account, you only see that type of content in your feed.

It will make it simple for you to find the questions you can answer with confidence and expertise.

Quora will give you options to select at least ten categories that are in your interest.

2. Create A Catchy Profile

Catchy Profile

Source: RankPay

The first and the most crucial step is to create a profile that looks enticing and engaging. Your profile should be built in a way that shows both trust and credibility. The description of your profile is an essential aspect of your profile so make sure you keep that short and impactful.

You can write about areas of your expertise, job profile, and hobbies in your description, and don’t forget to put a link to your websites to showcase your work to people.

When any users visit your profile, they should not doubt your profile’s authenticity, so make sure to add the following things to your Quora profile.

  • Professional Experience
  • Your Profile picture
  • Link to your blogs and social media profile
  • Your previous guest posts links, if any.
  • Your most viewed Quora answers.

3. Use Visuals In Your Answers


According to, Visuals in any content increase people’s desire to read it by nearly 80%.

Visuals play an important role in driving traffic to your content because it makes your content look beautiful and increases its readability.

You can add different visuals like images, videos, infographics or memes, etc., to make your content look more appealing and engaging.

According to a PR Daily report, People are 94% more likely to read content with visuals than content without visuals.

4. Use Relevant Keywords

Use Relevant Keywords

If you want relevant traffic for the answers you are writing on Quora, make sure you use the right keywords to boost views and generate leads.

There are different keyword research tools available on the internet like Google keywords planners and Ahrefs that you can use to find relevant keywords for your blog.

Keywords help in your content research and improve the SEO quality of your existing content, which will help your content get ranked on SERPs.

For better results, use your keywords in the right places of your blog like:

  • The first few lines of the first paragraph
  • Subheadings
  • Last paragraph

Make sure you don’t do keyword stuffing because it affects the readability of your content.

5. Always Try To Write On Trending Topics

Trending Topics

Top writers follow this strategy on Quora to appear on the Quora trending list. If you target the trending topics, there’s a high possibility that your answer will get more views and engagement from people.

Apart from Quora, you can use other tools like Google Trends and Answer the public to find the trending topic.

6. Don’t Forget To Tag, Your Competitors

This is another effective strategy that helps your content to get noticed by top profiles on Quora. When you write on any topic, make sure you tag other writers who have written on the same topic.

Quora will send a notification to the writer you tagged in your answers, indicating that you liked their answer, and that will let your profile get noticed by top writers on Quora.

7. Posting At The Right Time Is Crucial

Crucial Time

Even If you are writing relevant blogs frequently on Quora, there is no guarantee that your answer will get expected views. That’s why along with writing often, you should always post your answers at the right time on Quora.

What is an Ideal Posting Time?

The timings will depend on the country in which you live. The ideal time for posting is early in the morning when people are leaving for work and late in the evening.

Note: Avoid posting on Sundays and Mondays morning.


Apart from the above-discussed strategies, there are few other things you can consider to generate traffic from Quora these are:

  • Add stories to your content.
  • Write long answers.
  • Write a deadly ending with proper CTAs.
  • Avoid answering the question that is overly responded to.
  • Avoid Grammatical errors

If you write blogs, then Quora is the platform you should target. You can use this popular platform to build your authority and to generate traffic to your website.

Want to know the right strategies on how to use Quora to generate traffic?

I’ve stated the best strategies in this blog that will help you to get quality traffic from Quora to your website.

Do you have any queries regarding this blog? If yes, then mention it in the comment box below!

I will try to get back to you in a short time.


Q1: How can one increase followers on Quora?

A1: Here are some efficient ways to increase Quora followers quickly:

  • Optimize your Quora profile
  • Write a catchy bio.
  • Write quality content
  • Connect your social media channels to Quora
  • Add stories to your content.
  • Write as an expert
  • Always engage in discussions.
  • Tag top personalities or brands to your content

Q2: How frequently should I post on Quora?

A2: There is no such number on how frequently you should write on Quora. It totally depends on your long-term plans or goals. If you want to drive massive traffic, it is advisable that you post at least one answer every day.

Q3: Can your profile get banned on Quora?

A3: YES! If your accounts violated any Quora policies or you ignored their warning repeatedly, then Quora will ban your account. Some of the activities that can get your account banned are:

  • Usage of the same email address and IP address as the banned user.
  • Use of foul or abusive language
  • Racist remark on someone
  • Defaming others
  • Answers collapsing due to duplicate
  • If you get reported by another user as fake
  • Use of promotional links in a content
  • Promoting nudity or porn