Unlike any other web programming languages, Python application development allows developers to built readable, concise, and easy to maintain source code. In 2021, many web application developers are preferring to use Python application development to other server-side programming languages for speeding up the web development process and web application maintenance. However, Python application development does not offer integrated features to accelerate the web application development process. The developers use a various number of  Python web frameworks to create custom web applications in Python efficiently and quickly.

In the year 2021, when you are going to hire Python developers, they are going to have choices from a wide range of Python web frameworks to choose from. Some of these Python web frameworks are full-stack and get regular updates to facilitate the latest web application development trends. Moreover, it will encourage more developers to opt for Python web development.

In this post, we will discuss some of the top 6 most used Python web frameworks which new aspiring developers can learn in the year 2021.

List of 6 Best Python Frameworks to Learn for Web Development in 2021

1. Web2Py

Web2Py is another best Python framework that is open-source and free to use. It simplifies Python web application development by including some important tools like SQL database, web server, and web-based interface. It allows programmers and developers to modify, deploy, and create web applications according to different web browser compatibility. The developers can easily run the Web2PY framework on the major web browsers and operating systems.

Web2Py can even create web applications driven by the database with the wide use of all the major database systems. Moreover, when you will hire Python developers who possess good knowledge about working of Web2Py can easily implement the MVC programming paradigm and delete all common security issues.

2. TurboGears

TurboGears is another top Python framework, it uses various features to overcome the cons of widely used Python frameworks. This is a data-driven web application framework is developed in Python. When you will hire dedicated Python coders who know about how to work on this framework can develop a new web application with minimal setup. Moreover, it supports multiple databases and data exchange formats, along with the partition for horizontal data. Also, it allows the development of new web applications through the use of various JavaScript tools.

If you want to develop a good looking Python web application using the TurboGears framework then you should hire dedicated Python coders.  

3. Django

Django is one of the most popular Python web frameworks. The popularity of Python will continue to remain the same in 2021. Moreover, when you will hire Python developers you will always hear from them that they prefer Django over other Python web app frameworks. It provides a full-stack and high-level web framework which simplifies the web development process by providing robust features. It also provides the latest APIs according to the latest trends in web development.

Some of the important features offered by Django for Python application development like sitemap, RSS feeds, user authentication, and content management. Python developers will be able to take benefit of integrated security features offered by Django to prevent attacks like cross-site request forgery, SQL injection, clickjacking, and cross-site scripting. It is one of the best Python frameworks currently and most of the developers place it as their top framework.


4. Grok

This Python web app framework is developed using Zope toolkit technology. When you will hire dedicated Python developers who possess knowledge about Grok will accelerate the web development using the Zope toolkit as the various set of libraries. Moreover, the developers have the option to choose from a wide range of community libraries according to the requirements of the project. The component architecture used by this framework allows python developers to develop the best Python web applications by taking the benefit of features like views, controller, and content objects. Furthermore, it provides the building blocks required to develop new custom Python web applications according to business requirements.

5. Flask

The Flask is another top Python development framework developed using Jinja 2 templating language. It accelerates web application development in Python by providing a development server and a built-in debugger. Moreover, it offers support for integrated unit testing, secure cookies, Jinja 2 templating, and RESTful request dispatching. The Python developers can use specific extensions according to the requirements of the project.

6. Bottle

The Bottle is another top and lightweight Python web framework. It allows distributed single file module, in addition to taking the advantage of standard Python libraries. The Python developers can use the Bottle framework to make the development of simple and small web applications in a simple manner by using integrated features like HTTP development server, template engine, and routing. Moreover, the Bottle framework for Python allows Python developers to use a wide variety of databases using the required plugins.


Final Note

As a whole, there are a number of Python frameworks whose popularity is going to remain the same in the year 2021. However, the developers can still analyze the pros and cons of each Python frameworks according to the requirements of the project. Therefore, the choice of web application framework may differ from one Python developer to another. Moreover, Python developers can use various Python interpreters for efficient programming.

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