eCommerce businesses have grown beyond one’s imagination. The growth and success can be owed to the features facilitated by innumerable extensions present. These improve the functionality of the store and attract more customers. In this article we will focus on a few but very important Magento extensions that can change the fortunes of your eCommerce website.

1. Developer Toolbar

This extension allows accessing regularly used functions without logging in to admin. The updated version 2 enables admin set store offline for maintenance via one click. It restricts access of the toolbar by IPs. It is compatible with all Magento versions (CE, PE and EE) and also with all custom themes. It supports many languages and stores.

2. Magento One Step Checkout Extensions

This provides an unmatched checkout experience to the users. All the information is to be filled on a single page (six steps reduced to one). Ajax is employed to calculate total and prices when the shipping/payment option is selected.  It supports registration and setting up of a default shipping and payment method. The extension is compatible with all the versions from Magento 1.4 to 1.8.

3. Sales Tax Extension for Avalara’s AvaTax

The extension is the fastest, simplest and most accurate inexpensive method to measure sales tax, file returns, manage exemption certificates and send payments across regions having different taxes. Avalara looks after sales tax issues of an eCommerce business with AvaTax.

4. Magento Social Network Integration Bundle

It is the ultimate social media integration extension. This gives advantages of 10 extensions in one extension. It includes Facebook like button, Facebook comments, Facebook connect, Twitter connect, Twitter tweet button, Google +1 Button, Google connect, Google share and Pinterest pin it. It is compatible with Magento CE and EE.

5. Track Order Magento Extension

The extension enables the users to check the order status and that too without logging in to their customer account. Shipping information can also be known by making use of this extension. All he/she needs to do is to fill the email address and order number and then the order status with all the details including shipping tracking information will get displayed. These details also contain link to shipment provider’s site to track order directly.

6. Magento Quick Shop Extension

The extension allows managing online marketing campaigns and deals efficiently. This rouses customers towards the store. The store can advertise deals for one or more than one product along with the time frame to promote the deal. The deal gets activated at the specific time and deactivates when the time expires. Frontend display of the quantity encourages customers for buying.

7. Magento Out of Stock Notification

The Magento extension will notify the customers who have subscribed for it automatically. It supports default product types like virtual product, simple product, grouped product, configurable product, bundle product and downloadable product. The design is customizable. Customer integration is supported through emails, chat and forums for any problems related to set up, installation, products and performance.

These Magento extensions are simply amazing. If you have your store, do include the above for better outcomes and enhance your brand value.