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If you are working with company or with employees working from different regions, you would surely need to collaborate with the vendors working from home or away from office. At this time you would need an online meeting service to connect with your team, share documents, host web conferences.

Here is a list to help you with online meeting services

1. Cisco WebEx

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WebEx is the most common and oldest online meeting services used by professionals. It has interesting portfolio and incredible to use. You can simply install the WebEx plugin on your PC that will allow you to join meeting or conduct it. Within few clicks you will be able to work with your team, sharing screens, and passing the ownership to the presenter who have other documents to show or chatting face-to-face. It comes with an integrated app where you can easily schedule an appointment for a meeting, email the attendances quickly or even join a meeting on an mobile device or tablet. It has two separate features to “host a meeting” and “attend a meeting” with different subscription plans for individuals, small businesses, or large enterprises.

2. MeetingBurner

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MeetingBurner is another famous online meeting service. It is most widely used by professionals as it can be used right in the browser without any download. Not only is it a great web browser online meeting service but also useful for hosting webinars and sharing your screen at a click. It also has Skype integration, conference lines, and one click recording and sharing. Another great reason to use this product is that it has got analytics for your online meeting to track and know how your guests were engaged with your content. The most important is that its user friendly interface is quick to load and is absolutely free.


Image Source – is another convienent online meeting service. It has the ability to get started within 60 seconds and simultaneously allows you to create new meetings via a bookmarklet. You can not only create meeting yourself and participate but edit them with other participants. It is a great for editing documents together.

4. GoToMeeting

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GoToMeeting is an alternative to MeetingBurner used for meetings held in HD and web conferences.

It has three different products –

a) GoToMeeting

b) GoToWebinar

c) GoToTraining.

All three products allow desktop and application sharing, one-click recording, drawing tools, voice conferencing abilities, and more. It run on all operating system like Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, or Android device.

5. Yugma

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Yugma is free service for conducting online meetings and web conferences. It allows to share your screen and collaborate with your team members. Its free version limits to for free web conferencing with two participants including one hour limit. It has got some great features too, like audio conferencing, public and private chat, Skype integration, annotations and whiteboarding tools and quick polls.

You can also try these social online meeting services:

1. Skype

Skype of course supports video calling to talk anyone sitting in any corner of the world. Though it is not an online tool (required download) but free to use.

2. Facebook

Facebook also allows video calling these days. It is worth to use as everyone has Facebook account now.

3. Google+ Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts is another social network that supports video chatting and with a group. You’ll need to install the Google voice and video plug-ins to get started.

Have you got any other online meeting service that we forgot to mention here . Please comment or write us to add it to the list.