Among the most essential saving money aspects is to understand your money and in the current mobile world, there are many apps designed to assist you manage your finances and keep better track of them. Here is a look at top 5 completely free money management apps in 2013.

1. ReadyForZero

Ready For Zero

Among the major issues facing people trying to reduce costs and save some money is that they are in huge debt. If debt is your obstacle to financial happiness, this is an amazing app that will assist you achieve your goal. Even if you have just a few thousand or hundred dollars in credit card debt, ReadyForZero helps you make a plan to be debt free and help you save some money. This app is very user-friendly.

2. Mint

This is simply the most enjoyable and slickest of all money management apps on this list. Just enter your credit cards and bank accounts, and it creates an easy to use portal to view each of your financial statements. The app can alert you of overload spending in various categories, remind you of your credit card payments, or even warn you of wary charges. You can use the app to check out graphs and generate reports, which help you establish where you are spending a lot and how you can use your resources better.

3. PageOnce

This is another app similar to Mint that can hook into your credit, bank and other accounts with no trouble. What makes PageOnce a stand-out money management app is the widespread support for free bill-pay as well as credit unions. Most money management apps available have a difficult time with credit unions and smaller banks, but users of PageOnce have not experienced such issues. Payment of bills through bank accounts is free. However, if you want to pay a bill using a debit or credit card, you will incur a fee.

4. Personal Capital Banking & Investing

This app has a lot of features similar to Mint, although with a little less eye-candy, but it is loved by users because of the investing option. There is no other service or app tested that had the control amount over investments similar to this app. Simply plug in your credit card or banking information, investing accounts and establish watch lists for bonds or stocks, and the app will cater for the rest. You will get alerts on market trends and personalized reports for your specific portfolio. The real time alerts and information are something you would expect to get in paid-for services, but definitely comes here free of charge.

5. Retail Me Not

This app has access to each coupon mailer, manufacturer’s discounts and online coupon code available. It utilizes GPS to find stores that are near you, and brings up coupons and deals for all major as well as small salespersons in the country. This is a great app to help you save some money on clothes and groceries, particularly if you have a big family. The best thing is that you will not have to deal with the embarrassment of going to the grocery store late at night with a Ziploc filled with coupons.

Mathew loves technology and finance and although he loves writing about smartphones, apps and how they can help you finances, he also works for Australia’s leading safe manufacturer and thinks that sometimes you can go wrong with an old fashioned and secure money safe.