Top Agile Project Management Applications

Agile Project Management is a process in which no project manager is involved and all the roles and responsibilities are distributed among different hierarchy levels.

Here is a list of top 5 agile project management applications –


JIRA   Issue   Project Tracking Software   Atlassian

Jira provides scrum and kanban boards to plan, execute and track the agile projects in a smarter and faster way.


Online project management software   Projectplace

Projectplace provides kanban boards and gantt charts for planning and tracking the agile projects along with the deadlines.


Enterprise Project Management

Clarizen helps you to prioritize the tickets and requests and track the progress of the agile projects.

Atlassian Confluence

Confluence   Team Collaboration Software   Atlassian

Atlassian Confluence unites with JIRA to track issues and project requirements and manage resources and progress for the agile projects.


ALM Software   Team Collaboration Tools   Get Teams in Sync

SpiraTeam helps in resource management, planning and tracking the progress of the agile project throughout its lifecycle.

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