With the world getting smart, why should your watch remain behind? Phones have already taken a leap and become smart. Now, it is time for the watches to get smart as well. In fact, smartwatches are considered to be the true companions of smartphones.

So, what are the choices that are raging the market in the year 2017? Which smartwatches listed online to watch out for? Let’s have a look at the smart watches of the Year.

  1. LG Watch Sport

Yet another LG creation which can be considered best among the smart watch lists online. This can be the dream watch for the fitness freaks.

Those who are looking for a fitness partner who will both keep track and motivate to work out more, this is the one to reach for. Unlike many other smartwatches this one supports LTE connection.

  1. Apple Watch 2

This is considered to be the best smartwatch available in the Indian market. It is the best thing which you can buy for yourself or as a gift to someone special. The water resistant quality of the watch makes it one of the most sought after smartwatch.

The quality makes the watch durable and long lasting. Just wear it and walk in the rain, without any worry about getting it damaged. This is one of the great accessories to buy this year.

  1. Samsung Gear S3

With Apple getting the first position, would Samsung be left behind? Of course not. In fact the second in the list is Samsung Gear S3 which is a great gift for anyone who loves smart accessories.

It comes with intuitive control which hides the fact that the watch actually does not offer any serious application.

  1. LG Watch Style

This is another smart watch which you would be happy to buy for yourself or as a gift. The best feature of the watch is the looks. It is said to be devilishly hot looking by some of the review websites.

The battery life might disappoint of the users. However, the other features more or less make up for the lacking which comes from the battery life.

  1. Asus Zenwatch 3

Asus has made quite a name in the market of smartphone. Now they have come up with smartwatch which can be worth a try. The watches have awesome display which make them must buy for the fashion freaks. Battery life is another feature to look out for.

It gives excellent battery life and sturdy buttons. The styling of the strap might not appeal to everyone though.

  1. Huawei Watch 3

If Huawei Watch 2 has appealed to you, this one is sure to be a disappointment. The watch comes with a smaller display and might not attract the sporty types that the previous one has succeeded in dragging. However, this smart watch can be bought for the individual features that it offers.

  1. Moto 360

This would get the modern generation overwhelmed by the designer power. It is stylish and possesses all the good looks to be the companion of a snob.Jokes apart, the watch is comfortable to wear and the features that it offerscould be enough to overlook the low battery life.

  1. Apple Watch

If you can overlook the fact that this mobile watch is extremely pricy, you can surely enjoy the benefits that the watch offers. This enables you to check text when you are working out. It is stylishly designed and offer witty interface to make your life easy enough.

  1. Huawei Watch

It comes with great build and beautiful display. However, the battery life might be a downside of the watch and can disappoint you a great deal. However, despite the battery life this smart watch can be a good buy this year if budgeting is a constrain.

  1. Samsung Gear S2

Those who are looking for a solid smartwatch, this is the one to opt for. It is pocket friendly and would be a good buy if you are looking for something to enhance your lifestyle.

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