As if computer technology hasn’t advanced enough in the last decade to keep us entertained, some have still felt that the computer mouse needed a makeover. We’ve seen some of the advancements in computer mouse technology, like a wireless finger mouse, but those are no fun – what we really needed was some simple cosmetic adjustments! Below are 10 interesting computer mouse designs that are sure to start a discussion in your office.

1. Behold – Tank Mouse

TechieApps-Most Interesting Computer Mouse Designs-Tank mouse
You’re already clicking the mouse a bajillion times a day, why not pretent you are blasting your enemies with this tank mouse. With this classy tank mouse you’re sure to keep the internet in line.

2. Behold – Super Car Mouse

Who needs to real thing when you can take your dream car for a spin in the palm of your hand? There are actually several different models of car mice you can buy online.

3. Behold – Creepy Spider Mouse

Since we all love spiders, why not keep one within centimeters of you at all times of the day. Sounds like a dream come true, right? If the spider mouse doesn’t do it for you, you can also find scorpion mice, and other fun insects.

4. Behold – Weird Ghost Mouse

You’re already the office freak; why not make people think even less of you with this spooky ghost mouse. This would be a great computer mouse to have on Halloween…

5. Behold – Ladybug Mouse

The perfect computer mouse for that sweet old lady receptionist we all love.

6. Behold – Cheeseburger Mouse

If there’s one thing you should have next to you all day long it’s a juicy looking cheeseburger to help remind you of how hungry and overweight you still want to be.

7. Behold – Fishing Lure Mouse

What better way to remind yourself that you could be out fishing instead of cooped up in your little office then to have a fishing lure mouse at your fingertips?

8. Behold – Gold Fish Mouse

This one would go along perfectly with your fishing lure mouse. You could even alternate between the two for added excitement.

9. Behold – Gold Bar Mouse

This computer mouse is sure to impress as you display your bling thing to the office. After all, another day another dollar!

10. Behold – Hand Gun Mouse

Tired of being bullied at the office? With this gun computer mouse no one will dare slap you around. You will instantly get raises, more days off, and your boss will ask you if there’s anything you need him to do for you!

Remember, performance doesn’t matter when it comes to computer mice. What matters is that you are able to draw as much attention to yourself as possible. Our technologically savvy world will continue advancing, but our abilities to come up with pointless accessories will always stay the same!

This post was contributed by Sam Freeman, a virtualization analyst who enjoys writing humorous tech posts to help people understand the value of technology. Sam has published many articles and encourages people to read real virtualization and cloud computing blogs, like The Virtualization Practice to familiarize themselves with some of the advancements and issues our technologically savvy world face today.