A new month and a new demand for some fresh and innovative applications to try on and use for better business and thus here we present you some really cool apps which help in making your daily activities more productive and useful.



1. Portal – Wifi file transfers

Portal Wifi-transfer

Portal wifi file transfer app is a simple app which helps to transfer all types of files from your computer system to your mobile in a very easy and quick manner. Whatever you want to share to your smartphone from your pc, you can easily share it through this app within a snap. The today’s modern world is in a much need of such application. The images you transfer from pc, directly save in the gallery of your mobile. You can easily browse all your docs in this application. All this transfer is done over your wifi network.

2. QualityTime – My Digital Diet

Quality time app is a very helping application if you are really addicted to your smartphone and want to overcome this habit. This application keep tracks of your smartphone usage and provides you day by day and week after week reports. It is an enjoyable, interactive and simple to use Android app that tells you how much time you spent on your phone and your uncommon apps. It allows you to have a digital routine timetable.

3. Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook ads manager, manages all your facebook ad campaigns on your smartphone. This application is mostly required by the social marketers, managers and the business owners for tracking and handling their facebook ads directly on their mobile phones. You can monitor your campaign easily and efficiently via mobile. The notifications you usually see on a computer can be easily shown up on phones and these reflect the near ending phase of your ads as an exhausting budget.

4. Intel Remote Keyboard


Intel Remote Keyboard

It turns your smartphone into a monitor gadget for controlling your pc keyboard and mouse. You can call it a remote control. It works with any pc and android device. This app is given by the chipmaker, the intel. It allows the user to interact with the computer system remotely through your phone. This application is extremely helpful when you are at a distant from your pc as you can control your system from a distant via this app. It contains an on-screen keyboard and a touchpad allowing you to control your pc with an ease from your different sitting area.

5. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint for Tablet

Do you want to work with MS office directly via your mobile without opening your pc? Then this is a perfect app for you as it allow to handle all of your Ms documents via your mobile. Whether you want to create a new document, edit the existing one, browse the documents or delete the old document, etc can be easily handle through this android application. There is a different application for microsoft word, microsoft excel and powerpoint too. You just require a microsoft Id for working with them and hola, you can easily manage your docs in your

6. Lettrs



Lettrs is a letter-written work application. This application is helpful in writing personal notes, letters, poetry and artistic skilled work whether you want it personal or to share these with the world. This app lets you to create letters in a digital manner while giving them a credible handwritten feeling. Whether you want to write a letter through your hand or by using your voice, this app lets you to do both. You can easily record what you speak. It is very efficient application. It can convert your voice in digital form and will show on the mobile screen. Whether you want your message to be personal or common, you have a choose option for it.

7. Cambly – English Teacher

Cambly – English Teacher

It is an app for those who wanna learn real english and wanna have a good command over english within a week. It gives you 24/7 native english spokespersons with whom you can talk in english over live video face to face chat. The app comes with a list of native English speaking tutors who have English teaching experience. If anyone want to prepare for TOEFL exams, then you can use application.

8. Omvana – Meditation, Yoga Sleep

Omvana – Meditation app

Who doesn’t want to live a healthy and peaceful living?..Everyone.. This app is perfect for everyone as this hustle and bustle of life really need such apps which can improve their living and lead people to a good and healthy living. It involves calming audio songs, yoga exercises and self improvement tips and inspiring and leading quotes by the leaders like martin luther king, etc.

9. Truemessenger


Truemessenger application is developed by truecaller. It is an SMS replacement app. If you are getting spam messages and fake calls then it can let you to know the name of the stranger spamming you and also directly puts messages into an isolated folder and thus helps you to have a neat and managed inbox. It allows you to block unwanted calls and broadcast about the spammers around the group and thus stop others to open it.

10. ChimpChange

Chimpchange – money transfer app

Chimpchange app allows you to securely transfer money to your friends and family as well as businesses via a smartphone, in real time. It is such a quick transfer of money that the recipient can have the money at the time of the transfer. This helps in managing your money when you are outside. All you need is a chimpchange mastercard. Anyone who is having Chimpchange mastercard can have, use or shopping with their money whenever they want.

Using mobile apps can make your business more productive. Add these to your list and grow your business.