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Toggl Overview, Review & Alternatives 2014



Toggl is an easy-to-use time tracking system, that allows to calculate the time spent on projects. One just needs to sign up & enter the project to start time tracking. Once the project is completed, simply hit the ‘stop’ button to calculate the project timing.

Features of Toggl

One-click time tracking: The simple tool allows tracking time with a single click. There are start and stop buttons for recording the time in a simple manner.

Manual Mode of Tracking: If someone forgets to click on the start button, there is a manual mode to track the time spent. One never loses the amount of time spent on a project.

Multiple Tracking: One can use multiple tags to define a three-tier hierarchy of client, project and task.

Breakdown of Time Spent: One can instantly break down the time spent on projects in the form of pie chart, bar chart and others for analysis.

Cloud Sync: Toggl is available both for offline and online time tracking. It automatically syncs to the cloud for a user to get an access to the project sheet.

Comprehensive Reports: One can get access to comprehensive reports that show time spent corresponding to each project. One can break down the report on the basis of team members and can map the efficiency of an individual.

Billing: Toggl allows integration with Basecamp, Freshbooks etc. for a complete invoicing of the projects.


They have a free version that requires a signup only. The paid version is available at a $5 per month subscription. The paid version provides the tools required to bill and invoice a project, whereas the free version can only provide you with time tracking capabilities.
Toggl is a simple to use application that allows time tracking quickly, almost instantly after completing the signup. It provides a variety of reports that can be used to measure the efficiency of a project team and can also allow to analyze the time spent on various tasks. One can integrate the application with a mobile device and can access the timesheet from any location. It is an inexpensive time tracking solution for small companies and startups.

Alternatives of Toggl



TSheets is a very effective tool for employee time monitoring. Employees can clock in their time and can edit their timesheets as well. The tool provides both automated and manual ways of entering time. The time thus recorded can be used to generate invoices. Add-ons such as Active Directory can be installed to achieve additional functional advantages. TSheets also allows managing comprehensive employee details such as bio, wages and other information. Using GPS enabled devices one can track both time and location of employees.


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Time Doctor

This time management software comes with the features of time tracking with employee monitoring. Screenshots are taken and uploaded at random intervals for managers to review the work-in-progess. It also allows recording vacation time, sick time etc. to find out the exact time spent on a project. Time Doctor calculates the time spent by each of the team members and breaks down the data to help calculate the billable time. It also tracks the time spent by employees on activities such as accessing emails or social media sites. Time Doctor can help generate different types of reports such as Poor Time Use Report, Absent Report and others.


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Harvest has an intelligible built-in timer system to help calculate time in a real-time environment. Moreover, one can calculate the billable time and can add the time sheet to the invoice. It has a quick invoicing feature, allowing users to add taxes, discounts etc. for precise invoicing. The software allows an easy switching between billable and local tasks and also allows to track recurring billing. It offers multiple online payment options and enables payments through web-based invoices. Harvest provides access to timesheets using Android and iOS device



Klok is a time tracking software that can be used to monitor time spent by an individual or a team on a project. It tracks time from start to finish and one can create a variety of timesheets such as weekly and monthly. These timesheets can be exported and saved in excel format. This can help to create separate time and billing databases that can be used to prepare several types of reports and charts for analysis. Klok allows users to access timesheets using their mobile devices.


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