Do you have a website that’s running over the web but fails to pull enough visitors for it?

If yes!, my second question is- Are you using social media platforms to drive traffic? Not Yet, then start including it in your marketing strategy.

Since an average person’s 2 hours and 32 minutes is spent per day on social media, you need to sharpen your strategy as a website’s owner.  It is best to broaden your edges to all social media sites to reach more audiences. 

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So, our first advice would be- create business accounts for different social communities; it is a great idea to increase web traffic through social media.

Today, social engagement is crucial for all businesses, especially when people’s most time is spent on social networking channels.  When you will engage with these platforms, put your content; more people will see your content. That means more people will buy from you, which will ultimately add more money to the bank.

Now, if you are wondering what to do next for social engagement, keep scrolling.

With this blog, you will learn how to engage with people online. Whether it’s sharing a post or a story or replying in comments, we will learn the most effective ways to use these online resources to increase website and social media traffic.

So, without annoying you, let’s dive quickly into it.

9 Steps to Double Your Website Traffic Through Social Media in 30 Days

Today, 93% of small businesses can not imagine their business running if they haven’t used social media platforms. In addition, these online communities are essential for getting introduced to new businesses, brands, products, etc.

However, it’s not that easy to drive traffic (unique visitors) to your website every month. For that, you need to work well. It is like a game; if you are playing it patiently and strategically, your chance to win increases.

Let’s See How To Increase Website Traffic Through Social Networking

1. Have a Great Social Profile

Yes, it is a must.

When we create our social media profiles or pages, most of us mostly set it and forget it.

We are in a hurry to create content to post it into our feeds with the motto to grow followers, but that is not good.

Firstly, make your profile professional and presentable to your growing audience. In 2020, social media networks reached 490 million users.

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2. Get Your Content Optimized For Each Network

You have Instagram reels and Facebook stories, Tik Tok videos that are all short-form content, but each needs a different pattern of content. So you need to take this point into account when you are creating social messages.

Therefore, after having an excellent product or service that solves people’s problems, you need great content to get new visitors to your site.  As per research on social networks, it has been found that 96% of B2B content marketers rely on LinkedIn, whereas 82% of them on Facebook for organic marketing.

But if you don’t have a piece of content to show, you will fail to see new visitors. So, start putting efforts into making content that helps you get viral and is worth sharing. However, 50% of the organization has changed its content marketing strategies because of its COVID outbreak.

3. Post Your Content Consistently

Posting content consistently is a non-negotiable; you have to do it if you don’t want to kill your organic reach.

The more consistent you post =, The more your content is visible organically.

You should post every day for the platforms that you want to be found on. However, if you’re struggling with posting consistently, you can use social media tools to schedule content.

It has been seen that only 11% of customers on social networks receive their replies from online brands; that is wrong. You can lose an audience if you don’t reply to them timely. Because in another study it has found that 34% of consumers refer to social media for customer care.

Moreover, different networks have different posting frequencies.

  • For Twitter, the best posting frequency is to post 15 tweets daily.
  • For Instagram, the best posting frequency is to post 1-2 posts weekly.
  • For Facebook, the best posting frequency is to post one daily.

4. Collaborate With Competitors In Your Niche

It is a great idea to get awareness from someone else’s audience.

What to do about this?

You can offer valuable content to your competitor and ask them to put it in their social media account. Also, put a link to your website in the content or the description part.

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5. Focus on Sharing Visual Content Like GIFs, Videos, etc.

You need to realize the whole concept of- content is king. It is not just limited to text; it has spread to other parts such as videos, GIFs, etc.

Today, visual content is booming and needs special attention from all online marketers who want to increase traffic from social media.

Visual communication is the future of online marketing; 91% prefer visual content over any other form of content.

According to Buzzsumo, Facebook posts that include images have 2.3X more engagement than those without images.

6. Ensure You Are Posting When Audience Is Active

You should post content when your audience is inactive, just a waste. The basic rule to engage more people with your post is timing. You need to do research and find out what’s the favorable time when your audience is active.

However, most of the time, it has been found that Facebook users are most active at 8 pm on Thursday.

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7. Run Q&A Polls and Social Media Contests:

You can set up contests on these social media platforms to increase engagement and reach for your business. That means by including such activity; you can have more likes, shares, and comments on your post.

You can continue to engage with the audience by saying the winner will get prizes.  Also, you set a Q&A Poll to know audience views on particular products. 45% of online marketers agree that social media contests help in providing positive ROI.

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8. Participate In Social Groups:

Participating in social groups is a win-win situation for your business to grow. When you connect with these groups, you have a chance to reach more audiences. In addition, in these active communities, people with the same interests can join you for your products and services.

Start joining groups on Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, Linked In, Twitter, and Pinterest to drive traffic to your site.

When your audience starts knowing you in those communities, start promoting yourself as an influencer. It is a smart move to promote your brand on a larger scale.

9. Share Blog Post Regularly On Social Platforms

If you think having an informative blog is enough to rank, then you are wrong. A well-written blog, too, needs a promotion. Further, the blogging method is the best way to drive traffic to the website as per HubSpot.

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If you want to use social media to increase traffic on your site, you need to understand the particular cultures of the particular platforms. If you know which platform fits best for your business, start applying the above tips.

So what your objective is, from awareness to consideration to loyalty, will help you achieve the goal. But, moreover, these all different social communities are very attractive for companies who want to reach a group of like-minded, enthusiastic, loyal consumers.


How can social media increase website traffic?

There are many ways to boost website traffic, and here are some of them you can do easily without a technical expert’s help.

  • Input site details with company info mean your social profile should be complete.
  • Optimize all your social profiles.
  • Upgrade your social media strategy.
  • Share your blog posts consistently.
  • Use meme marketing.
  • Make your content easy to share.
  • Focus on visual content more.
  • Engage with your audience regularly.

How much website traffic comes from social media?

According to the study,  paid search drives 10 percent of site traffic, and social media tasks drive 5% of website traffic. Both of them are equally important for a business to grow. So, if you are ignoring any of these, you might fall on the list.

Which social media drives most traffic?

Facebook wins the race with over 2.2 billion monthly active users. There are maximum chances to drive traffic because you can target any age group, any demography, or audience as per their interest.