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Tips For Using Watsapp Messanger

Whatsapp as a mobile messaging app is almost omnipresent. We all use Watsapp to chat with our friends and relatives. There have been a few security concerns for using Whatsapp, off late, but one can always be aware of these and keep the conversations and oneself completely secure.

Here are some useful tips:

Keep a Chat Back-Up

You can easily keep a back-up of your conversations by going on settings by choosing chat settings and the chat backup option for iOS and choosing backup conversations on Android. Although you can’t really back up your restore your deleted chats, you can definitely restore from back-ups by uninstalling and re-installing the app.

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Privacy of Last Seen

In the settings options you can manually set the privacy of Last Seen option and keep it private to your contacts or to yourself. In the settings, you need to choose advanced settings and then choose the option you wish to. You can similarly keep your account information and your display picture private as well.

Image Control

You do not like your Watsapp images to appear in your camera roll. You can simply choose this on your iPhone by going on the settings tab and switching off the photos option.


Be careful while exchanging information on Watsapp. Do-not share information which is private and confidential like passwords, etc. on Watsapp. Be careful about messages that you receive from unknown numbers. It is always advisable not to respond to such messages.

Save Data

Always keep the automatic downloads off so that you save on the amount of data being downloaded.

Do-not Use Public Connections

Public Wi-Fi and internet connections are not safe and should not be used while using Watsapp.


You can chat as an anonymous person on Watsapp by following a simple method. Just uninstall the app and then re-install it with data in your SD card.

Blocking contacts on your iPhone

It is important to block people you do-not know or wish to disclose your Watsapp details to, from your Watsapp list. This is simple too. Go to chat settings and in the blocked option add the contacts that you wish to block from your chat list.



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