Collaborative teamwork requires careful planning before the beginning of every project. One needs to understand how collaborative work on each project can bring about the benefits of learning for everyone on the project. Such a culture within teams and organizations fosters massive improvements in skills and productivity.

Team Collaboration

Project Definition

The purpose of every project needs to be defined first along with the learning and the outcomes. The tasks and goals need to be set along with expectations from each of the team members. The project components have to be clearly defined.  The level of collaboration needs to be clearly defined as well.

Professional Culture

To build a culture of professionalism and team collaboration at the workplace, the teams need to be trained to accept others. They need to understand that the relationships that they form within teams are for the longer run. Appreciating others at work and bringing about the best in them should be the goal of each team member.

Enthusiasm in the Team

A happy team is a team that collaborates well. The team leader must keep the spirit of the team high. The first step to this is to be enthusiastic. This inspires others in the team.

Collaboration Tools

Tools like Google Drive and Skype help in effective team collaboration. Other specific tools for project collaboration should be clearly defined. Giving incentives to team members to use the tools effectively and share knowledge amongst themselves is very important.

Establishing Responsibilities

Creating roles and responsibilities should be accompanied by creation of a conflict resolution mechanism as well. The rights of every individual should be respected while making guidelines for teams. A democratic culture always helps in fair practices and growth of individual careers.

Shared Purpose

The team leader must share and infuse the purpose of the project with the team so they can take more ownership. This helps team members to come together and make a difference in productivity on an everyday basis. With a shared purpose, each of the team members work and collaborate, like the project is their own.

Readiness For Challenges

Every leader must be ready for challenges. This makes the team stronger and more positive about the outcomes. Understanding that there will be bottlenecks and having the patience and the attitude to resolve them is an essential for every team leader.

Trust Within Teams

Building trust within teams is very important to improve collaboration. The trust stems from right policies and fair practices. It also grows from the right sort of  roles and rewards within teams. When teams are collaborative they are less cynical and more positive about team effort. Open communication channels help in developing a positive knowledge sharing environment in the organization.

About the Author

John Laster is a technical news junkie and Founder of TechieApps. He loves everything about digital world, technologies, social media and gadgets and has been prophetic in identifying the best ways to leverage and harness such news to drive sales growth for companies ranging from startups to huge organizations.


  1. True,
    Collaborative teamwork requires careful planning before the beginning of every project. Furthermore, sharing the purpose of the projects and building trust with in the teams can affect the productivity positively.

  2. Team collaboration is must for completing any task. And, I am sure after reading and implementing the above mentioned points, one can the team more effective.

  3. Nice tips John !
    One more point I’d like to add is Friendly environment. This also helps in collaborating the teams

  4. Great Article !
    Without effective team collaboration and communication, no business can run successfully. We need to collaborate team in order to increase the productivity of business. You have listed great points to do so.

  5. Effective team collaboration is very necessary for growth.
    And a healthy relationship with team mates is very important to achieve that.

  6. We all know that effective team collaboration plays an important role in business success. No business is successful without a proper team.

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