Unique brand naming and a nicely designed logo always help a business in the long run. For this purpose, the idea of graphics designing for fabrics adds beauty to the whole thing. Graphics designing for fabrics is becoming an emerging technology and is increasing in popularity in UK. The main thing is that, you have a lot of options. You can choose from any of the substrates like silk, cotton, polyesters, matt, canvas and flag mesh. The benefits of using fabric graphics for brand naming are:

Environment friendly materials are readily available
Weight is very light, thus reduces the transport costs
There is a wide range of materials
Excellent quality with vibrant and colorful
Weight is very light, thus reduces the transport costs
There is a wide range of materials
Excellent quality with vibrant and colorful patterns
The cost of printing to fabric is low
Machine can be washed for other uses

Thanks to Graphics designing for Fabrics, Brand naming has become much easier and appealing, so as to attract the customers. You can plan and name your brand, and design a perfect logo with the name on it with the help of superb graphics on fabric. You can also produce signature collections with the help of fabrics. A number of innovative screen prints are available for the use.

Now, the question is, how to create outstanding graphics for Fabric? Following are some tips on it:

First of all, be mentally prepared for the process as it is a long one and really hard work is required.
You have to decide which method is appropriate for you. You can directly design graphics on the computer, or paint or draw manually.
You should work under the supervision of any manufacturer.
Make rough sketches to give a try. This phase is usually a thinking phase. You have to imagine and bring together all the colors and designs in order to make a blue print. Send your work to the mill.
After sending your artwork to the mill, it will be sent back to you after it is printed on the fabric.
Check for the mistakes. See whether it looks perfect or not. The colors, lines and designs should go well with each other.
Send the artwork back if any corrections are needed.
Now you have to approve your final artwork when it has arrived from the mill again, which had taken around 5 to 6 weeks.
A sample yardage will be available to you, which can be used for logos, banners, websites, fliers etc.
A quilt market is held where new lines are revealed. You can place your order here.

Companies like Hoffman Fabrics, Spoon flower, the image graphics and help people to design and print their own fabric designs. Digital textile printing is getting very popular for designing logos, banners and also helps in brand naming agency

Author Bio: Clayton Tolley is the owner and founder of Brandsymbol, a global naming agency located in Charlotte, NC. Clayton has over 20 years experience working with the world’s top brands.