Getting lead, and that too in a cost effective manner is the biggest concern of a B2B business. Building expertise in a B2B business is a slow process, but at the same time generating leads is crucial for business. Here are some useful tips to improve your B2B lead generation process.

Add Premium Content

Adding premium content on your website, such as white papers and ebooks is helpful in getting more leads for the business. You can use premium content to get users to fill up contact forms before actually viewing this content. This can help you build a database of prospects. These can be followed up for converting into actual clients.


A B2B business is about providing expert solutions  If you can partner with complimentary B2B

businesses, to provide a larger set of services, then this can be a very valuable business proposition. You can also promote your business on the partner’s website and generate useful leads.

Demonstrate The Product

A B2B product or service is about solutions that benefit other businesses. These should be clearly highlighted in the marketing communications. Adding videos of the product demo or tutorials of its modules can be very helpful. Besides that, one can also conduct online demos and webinars to generate qualified leads.

Powerful Call To Action Buttons

Call to action buttons are a useful way to get qualified leads on the business website. The message should bring out the reason to believe that the product is useful for the business.


Adding presentations on Slideshare and other ppt submission websites can be helpful in building expertise and brand awareness of the product. This increases the chances of getting more leads for your business.

Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the more powerful tools to generate leads for your B2B Business. Adding actionable content and blog posts to the recent updates section of your LinkedIn page is very helpful. You can also run promoted stories to get more attention on the shared content. Alternatively one can also participate in relevant groups on LinkedIn. LinkedIn also provides an opportunity to post relevant articles through LinkedIn pulse. You can also directly connect with prospects on LinkedIn to be able to generate more leads.

Business Networking

One of the useful ways to generate leads in B2B business is to network with prospective clients. Participating in relevant business events and connecting with prospects on a personal level can be very useful. The larger the business network, the more the chances of getting useful leads for the business.

Participate On Q&A Websites

One of the ways businesses showcase their expertise is answering relevant questions on Q&A websites like Quora and Yahoo Answers. This is a way to help potential clients with their problems. This builds a positive reputation and may help you generate good number of leads for your business.