Tiered data plans have become more than merely a norm, which in turn has meant that infinite data access has been reduced to something bordering on a fragment of mythology. Therefore, monitoring the data usage on your cell phone has become increasingly important, as it ensures that you stick to within the limits of the data plan and steering clear from throttling and overage fees. Especially when one is outside the jurisdiction of their wireless carrier, such planning can be pivotal.

Mobile data usage

In this day and age everything that one does on their devices has to be done keeping hackers – and more specifically their repertoire of cell phone tracking and mobile spy software – in mind. Therefore, while one mulls over tracking mobile data usage, one would also have to be wary of unwanted influx of hacking arsenal. Here’s how you should monitor mobile data usage:

Cell Phone Apps

You can easily download any app that caters to the need of your smart phone’s data usage tracking needs. Some apps even allow you to turn off the data before you penetrate outside your limit.

–   Android’s 3G Watchdog is pretty renowned for its effectiveness as a data monitoring app. It highlights an icon in the notifications in case of any breach and also regularly showcases and usage report. PhoneUsage is another useful option for Android, and it helps track text usage and calls as well. These Android apps are available in both free and pro versions.

–  iPhone’s DataMan (available at $1.99) is an app that tracks the phone’s data every ten minutes. It alerts the user the moment they exceed the data capacity, and it also possesses geotagging prowess. Consume is another app for iPhone which helps track the usage of cell phones, reward cards among other items. It is free and works internationally and even on unlocked phones.

–  For BlackBerry, there is Data Monitor (available for $2.99), with data features which can be customized; and it also supports all devices and carriers. Then there is Cell Manager, which is a free app that tracks both text messages and voice minutes as well.

Dial In

The Big Three of Sprint, AT&T and Verizon allow their users to check their data usage by merely dialing a number:

–   Sprint: *4, and dial 4 again if you want to listen to all the usage details

–   AT&T: *DATA3(*3282#)

–  Verizon: #DATA(#3282)


You can also log in to the website of your wireless provider and check out your minutes and other account details. This would be a lot more comprehensive and secure than most other means of checking out your data usage.

All the aforementioned ways are all authentic and secure, which would help you dig out the relevant information without having to worry about the influx of mobile spy software for cell phone tracking. The apps mentioned are the safest and the more reliable ones. It is highly recommended that you opt for these apps, but if you plan on going for another app, please check out its reviews to ascertain that it is not a hacking hoax.