Smartphones are made even better by applications (or apps as we all call it). Gone are the days when phones are just used for texting or calling. Now, I can pay bills, collaborate with my team, draw, take a picture or video, access emails and even play games while killing time at the airport lobby.

Several businesses have mobilized their websites. This is the most logical thing to do with the surmounting shift to mobile app culture. Gaming apps are just a segment of the massive mobile technology realm. But, it has created a billion dollar industry of its own and is regarded as the frontier of the app economy in present day’s hypercompetitive market.

Admit it or not, smartphones and gaming are inseparable. If you are not convinced, here is a quick rundown of gaming apps that would make your smartphone-dependent self satisfied.

Who ever says puzzle adventures are for children surely has not experienced playing the World of Cheese. There are 35 levels all in all, but the difficult ones can make an adult stop and think. You may end up looking at the walk through video to cheat. It’s very tempting, I promise!

World of Cheese on App Store requires iOS 6.0 or later. It is specifically engineered for your iPhones and iPads. Android users can download World of Cheese on Google Play for free.

  • 2. Fish Out of Water

Simple and fun, Fish Out of Water is an endurance test. The goal here is for you (the fish) to prevent yourself from being someone else’s dinner. You’ve got to successfully escape the fisherman’s truck and go back to the lake (where you obviously belong).
Team3Soft is the genius behind this app.

  • 3. Plants vs. Zombies

The warm reception of PopCap’s Plants vs Zombies has created a trend within the mobile gaming space. People are suddenly screaming “braiiiiins!!!” even in their sleep. This multi-level and milestone-based game’s feat was so huge, a sequel was made – Plants vs Zombies 2 It’s About Time. Settings vary from Egypt, Pirate Ship to Rodeo Drive, with noticeable improvements on user experience and graphics.

I particularly enjoy playing Plants vs Zombies using my iPad. The wide screen makes me appreciate the graphics more.

  • 4. Minecraft

The first wave of success of Minecraft was realized in gaming consoles such as PlayStation. In a mobilized world, it is just practical for its developers to craft a mobile app of the game. Mojang (the developers) created levels that will tap into your survival and creative instincts. You will have to build blocks in randomly generated worlds. Gaming time will depend on your battery life – just don’t crash and burn!

  • 5. Angry Birds

Chart-topper Angry Birds is a must in every smartphone. Whether for the kids or young at heart, this game is just as entertaining as the first time it hit the Apple Store and Google Play years ago. There are several variants of this game – Space, Rio and my favorite Star Wars.

What is your all-time favorite mobile gaming app? Any gaming console that you wish to be adapted into mobile app? Share your thoughts, experience, opinions, cheat sheets and more. Let the fun begin!