Do we really need Net Neutrality? What is it actually? This is a campaign that protects the rights of the internet users to receive the desired content of their choice from their internet service providers (ISPs). Internet activists are up against this injustice where people are barred from accessing the content they like to access. In the history of the internet, perhaps for the first time, this kind of uprising against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is being seen, demanding to scrap the rules that can govern the neutrality of the internet.

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The notion of Net Neutrality has been doing rounds for some time now, and public advocacy organizations are behind the campaign to gather public support in favor of Net Neutrality. People and internet users who believe in the freedom of speech are in support of the idea and are in a mood to fight the battle against ISPs to eliminate any prejudice for web content. The idea is that ISPs must treat all digital content equally, and allow people to access the content without any discrimination.

The internet activists and advocacy organizations are targeting the campaign against the US cable companies that want to wipe out the notion of Net Neutrality. They are constantly lobbying the authorities to uproot the principle that is basically at the core of internet popularity. Some of the large internet service providers would like websites to pay up to be able to run faster or not get blocked. It could not be sensible to make the internet another Cable TV where people will lose the freedom of getting the content that they like the most. Besides, it can breach into the freedom of speech, it may adversely affect the internet economy as well.

It is believed that the internet economy is at its best in the present era and it is continuously heading northward. Any attempt to curb the notion of Net Neutrality may decelerate the growth process of the digital economy. Thus, this is not only a threat to the online freedom of people, it may thwart a growth process, which is all set to evolve in a big manner, with numerous big and small players being a uniform contributor to it. If FCC fails to maintain this much-needed neutrality, it could prove a blow to maintaining an open internet where each individual can feel equal when it comes to accessing the web content.

However, the good news is that besides activists and advocacy organizations, big and small websites and also telecom companies have come forward to support the Net Neutrality campaign. They all are rallying behind the cause for an open internet and are bombarding the decision makers with their comments and opinions, inspiring them to take an appropriate action. But still, the movement needs more participation, more comments and more support to help protect Net Neutrality.

So, how can you support Net Neutrality?

Your best bet could be social media, where you can post your comments and can show your support to the campaign. You can inspire more people to join the movement and fight against the internet slowdown. You can change your profile picture and with an image that can show ‘it’s loading’ to indicate the slowdown.

More important is to discuss the implications of curbing the freedom of speech that you are enjoying on the internet. You can encourage your friends and family members to actively participate in the movement. A massive movement will force the FCC and other influencing parties that are trying to impose a restriction on Net Neutrality. Let it become a mass movement so that you can protect the internet world from becoming yet another Cable TV network.