iPhone apps are a market sensation. Not only they have gotten the world going crazy over the kind of apps that can help them go about doing anything in this world, the developers who build iPhone apps are successfully minting money from this business.

Although I have been cribbing about some of the sickliest apps for the iPhone, here’s a list for all those iPhone lovers who enjoy downloading the best apps for themselves.


We all love it. It is absolutely fantastic to be able to use emoticons in your messages. I mean, I have been using the typical format of *state your action* since a long time and find emoticons as a welcome relief for it.

There are so many emoticons present including strange expressions, hand gestures, actions, people, things etc., that a simple conversation becomes way more interesting. Personally ever since I downloaded my pack of emoticon apps, I have started texting more. It is also so much fun to receive a text these days.

Available memory

How many times has it happened that you need to find out if you can add another app to your library but you can’t only because you try to do it and it keeps pulling up an error of insufficient memory? If only you knew how much memory you have and exactly how much more space is needed so you would be able to delete some appropriate app or file.

The Disc Space app is a free one that allows you to check the total amount of memory available in your phone. This app has received a rating of 4 stars, with over 1,000 ratings.

File viewing

One of the most critical functions of a Smartphone is to assist in business tasks. This may involve opening of various files that you may receive through emails. File Viewing is extremely important when it comes to being able to look at Word Files or even PDF documents. In fact, in times as today, it is not just business that it would require file viewing. The types of files that the FILE VIEWER app helps you view are:

• pdf
• doc
• xls
• ppt
• pps
• txt
• rtf
• html
• xml
• csv
• docx
• pptx
• xlsx
• jpg
• bmp
• png
• tiff
• gif
• mp3
• wav


it is so much more fun to convert your text to speech for a huge array of purposes. It is sheer genius, you know, in a lot of ways. There can be n number of reasons for which you may require to convey messages without having to speak it yourself. And it is no surprise that there is not always someone available to mouth your words. This is where it comes in handy.

Be it a presentation that you want to voice or a mere prank call, this fantastic app has the means to help you do it easily. This app is known as NeoJulie (interesting name!) and speaks:

• English
• Spanish
• Korean
• Mandarin
• Chinese
• Japanese

It features both male and female voices.

Videos/Photo privacy

Since we can’t always be expected to ‘behave ourselves’, there’s a little bit of naughtiness in us all. And even if it isn’t the naughtiness, there are a lot of things in our life that are of a very personal nature. All though social networking sites like Facebook have made the present generation almost crazy because they’d share just about everything online.

However, for all the personal and NSFW videos and images on our handsets, the Video Safe and Picture Safe apps are our beacon of hope. They not only password protect your folders, but also creates an archive of safe apps. The best thing is, if someone enters the wrong pin, it will divert them to the safe content!